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Recipes for the devil spirit

Yoh guys~
I got contacted by email from the user "vendrinszky", he sent me some pictures of the devil spirit pimping and showed how to obtain the Sabakun Jewel for plus-ing the devil spirit (we already reported about the benefits here). Thank you a lot for these interesting images ^_^

Sabakun's Jewel can be gained with a recipe. We already know that Legend XI will feature recipe alchemy. So maybe this will be available in kSRO with Legend XI too, as a feature which is not announced yet.

A stone that makes the char deal more damage on uniques only. I don't know yet how to get it, maybe also with a recipe.

Pimping the devil spirit...

Greetz to [GM]Chulsu ^_~


Jupiter Temple: Up to level 120?!

 First of all: Merry X-mas to you all~ ^_^

In the new update for cSRO's testserver, the descriptions for the Jupiter Temple region have been added.
(rough translations)

Base of the dimensional mirror
Survivors of the missing warriors gathered here

Duplicated garden of gods (I think of a parallel world in an other dimension or something like that)
Shady garden that was left out of desperation
Monster level 111~113

Duplicated forest of dusk
Light is gone from the cursed forest
Monster level 114~115

Duplicated desperado hill
The playground of the devil
Monster level 111~113

Duplicated forest of sorrow
The forest was filled from cries of experimenting fanatics
Monster level 116~120

Duplicated shore of dawn
Dark and cold waves with the sound of fear
Monster level 114~115

So, the mobs go up to level 120 and there is an outside area. But the char level cap? It is unsure at the moment, we will see ^_^


Legend XI Announced for kSRO!

Joymax just opened the Legend XI teaser website, first it says that Legend XI will come in January (download will be released January 19).

New Fortress COS

New Quickslot

 Job skills

New party matching

 New map UI

Can't translate them all because I don't speak korean, sorry.

Joymax works harder and harder to get the players back ^_^



This update had a lot of cool stuff, but many other who disappointed me.
The Item Link feature didn't got added after all. For some reasons Joymax preffers that we keep using 1 global for say all the stats of 1 item >_>
Also the Dimensional Holes spawn ratio was as low as I expected, killed around 300 mobs without anything special, no holes, not even nova drop =3
I was expecting also the Guild GUI update but we didn't got it too.
On the other side, they finally fixed the bug which made the Pharaon Tomb uniques didn't drop any Copper/Iron coin. Now they drop the coins as they should do since the last legend, in fact I already got mines from Osiris ^^

Appart from that, a lot of confusion respect the new consigment system, ppl complaining cuz they have to pay taxes before the item gets sold, and fun with the new PVP modes.


iSRO Legend VI - Full explanation

So, I've decided to make this "guide" for solve any doubt that you get with the new Forgotten World update. I will mention also the most important changes that there will be on the update. I hope you enjoy this and it helps you on your doubts. If after reading this still have any doubt ask on the comments.

What's new?

On the new update there were many changes on some common functions of the client.

New PVP mode

The PVP Capes will be gone forever. Instead, you will have a new action icon on the Action (A) window. When you click there an small droplist like the extra slot skills bar will appear, and then you will be able to choose the PVP color (same as the old cape system).

New Stall System

Stall Network will get disabled from both client and server. Now you can make normal stalls, but Stall Network function will be gone. Instead a new NPC called "Consigment Jule" will appear on every town. On that NPC you can register the items that you want to sell, up to 50 items, and go do anything you want. When someone buy your items you will recive a message. By that way, the problem with the stallers filling the town it's gone. Also since you can register more items than on Stall Network, there will be more items available to buy.

Chat Link System

This new feature allows you to link the statistics of your items into the normal chat. You can link up to 3 items per message. For link an item you only have to Ctrl+left click on the item of your inventory and the link will appear on the chat input. For be able to use the link system on Global Chat and other chats (not sure which ones yet) you will have to buy a new Premium Item called "Expert" Premium.

Collection Book

A new menu will appear. Is related with the Forgotten World. As you complete the Forgotten World quests, you will get the Talismans. Those talismans gets placed on your Collection Book.
If you complete all the required quests on 100-110 map, you will get a Set new weapon type A or B.

New quest reward system

With this new quest reward system, you will be able to choose the reward that fits your character, also it gives more information about the reward.

What is the Forgotten World?

The Forgotten World is a new instance-based system, very similar to the Pharaon Tomb system. When you enter to the Forgotten World, a new instance is created on the server only for you and the friends that you invite. The aim is reach to the end of the instance by killing monsters, unlocking doors and killing mini-uniques.
For access to the Forgotten World, you only have to grind like you used to do, kill monsters and eventually some kind of bunnies with a big key and a witch hat will appear:

When you kill them they will drop Forgotten World holes. You can use those holes on the city. Only you will be able to see and use them. The holes lasts for 24 hours on your inventory. Once you teleport through the hole, you can summon your friends to your instance for do it together.
The instance difficulty is splitted on stars. As more stars have the hole, more difficult it is. It's possible to do the 1/2 stars instances alone without major problems, but the 3/4 stars instances are totally impossible if you don't go with a decent party.

Instance levels:

Togui Village: lvl 35~50 | lvl 51~60 | lvl 61~70
Flame Mountain: lvl 71~80 | lvl 81~90
Shipwreck: lvl 91~100 | lvl 100~110

That's all so far, next week: How to obtain the A and B Set items.


Job skills from Legend XI

I found a list of job skills in new testserver files. The translation might not always be correct, but I tried my best^_^
btw: is this the first time I mention the name "Legend XI" for the jupiter-temple-and-job-update?

Summoning skills
Trader's flute (1~7Lv)
Summons transports for job activities.
Trader's trumpet (1~3Lv)
Summons better transports for job activities.

Trading pocket skills
Pocket usage (1~2Lv)
A small pocket will be used to store items.
Backpack usage (1~2Lv)
A backpack will be used to store items.

Transport defense skills
Leather armor
Minor leather straps are fitted to protect the transport. Maximum HP of the transport will rise.
Iron armor
Minor steel mounting pads to protect your vehicle. Maximum HP of the transport will rise.

Capacity skills
Low transport capacity
Increase the carrying capacity of vehicles. Increases the inventory of transports.
High transport capacity
Increase the carrying capacity of vehicles a lot. Increases the inventory of transports.

Speed skills
Low transport speed-up
Increase the movement speed of vehicles.
High transport speed-up
Increase the movement speed of vehicles a lot.

At the moment it is unknown how to learn them, how they will be used exactly etc. We will try to find out more in the future.


kSRO: 12th degree, Jupiter Temple, event

Joymax has included some new information about the upcoming kSRO updates in today's update.

First of all, items of the 11th and 12th degree (it says so in the description) can be changed by an item to a different look.
Contains the wisdom of the sky dragon. Accessorie's/Shield's/Weapon's/Armor's inherent power will be woken up to change it into a new look, he said.
No further details on this are known yet.

Specific equipment for each job will exist (weapons, armors etc.) and they will be divided into categories, from weak types to strong types. Maybe you will need the item described above to strengthen these equipments.

Jupiter temple could be a bigger region than we expected. 83 mobs in total got the location "jupiter temple". Of course we can't know if Joymax will really include all of them (wtf, it's only level 108 - 110!), but if they do, it will be a good variety to chose from. If you are interested in the full list of mobs with korean names, click here.

A new event for kSRO is planned to begin at january 25th. In this event, players will be able to receive a buff that increases and absorbs up to 10% damage, maybe from an NPC in each city like iSRO had it already. Also the players can win very rare emblems from 2005 which were never available in iSRO. These "avatars" show the 4 uniques of the Qin Shi Tomb B5 rooms. To participate in the event, players will have to collect the 5 letters "H A P P Y" and exchange them at the So-Ok-Event NPC.


cSRO testserver even more boring

We tested the jSRO Forgotten World testserver, but there was not much to see because there didn't spawn any rabbits. Now, cSRO has updated their internal test server to the Forgotten World update too. There aren't any accounts - except ours and the GM's of course, so you can't test it, sorry ^_^

The testserver we got here is even more boring than jSRO's. Why? Simply because I just started with a level 1 character. >_>

Well, nevermind, here are some screens showing what's going on on that server:

... oh wait, who the hell is that? o_O


Forgotten World Artworks

cSRO's publisher CIMO has released cool artworks for the upcoming forgotten world update:

(there aren't many news atm, sorry) :P


Silkroad Alternative Soundtrack

Joymax did alternative versions of the Silkroad Soundtrack but they never were available in-game. Most are almost the same as the normal ones, but with some changes at the begin or the end, others are totally different. Here are the alternative versions, totally official-made!

So which ones do you prefer? The actual ones or the alternative versions? Also which is your favourite ones? Tell us on comments!



Hidden NPC's in Alexandria

Testing the bug that was posted some days ago on this blog, I've found some NPC's underwater.

Hidden because they are almost naked? hehe


Confirmed: Legend 6 soon in iSRO!

The newsletter says everything ^_^

I guess the update comes at december 21 together with the new avatar dress.


How does Forgotten World work?

Browsing around youtube I've found this video, which explains very nicely how the Forgotten World works and how you can enter there. All credits to Bellem51. Enjoy!


New Avatars release date (iSRO)

The release date for the upcoming avatars is already "public" on the pk2.

New Clown Dress

Release date: From 2010-11-23 to 2010-12-21




Thanks to Skyroe for the video and Zwangi for the pics.

Dragon Dress

Release date: From 2010-12-21 to 2011-01-25


This dates are for iSRO, Silkroad Standard Time.


Alexandria underwater bug

It's not that new, but still worth a post :P


Forgotten World soon in iSRO? / New Job system

In today's iSRO update you can see that Joymax translated a lot of Forgotten World texts to English.
Legacy of God - Togui Village
A world filled with evil magic and wicked energy
Legacy of God - Flame Mountain
A world in which intense flame puts out hellish heat
Legacy of God - Shipwreck
An abysmal world filled with various monsters and ghost pirates

Crystallization of a Togui's tears. The ominous redness reminds one of blood, and yet, it has the kind of beauty that cannot be described with words. Historical records show how treasured it was in that that these red tears, which can only be created by Toguis, were offered to the Emperor as a gift after the generals eradicated the Toguis. Its beauty created much jealousy among gem cutters who then attempted to cut something that would come close to it. Yet, of all the red gems, there was none that could match up to the beauty of the red tears.
In Donhwang of China, a story is told of a young man who was killed by the townsfolk after becoming a Togui by eating strange ingredients in order to create a gem to give to his lover.

Bah, posting all the stories here would result in endless walls of text so I'll stop here. You can read them anyways when iSRO gets the update - which might be quite soon since they prepared the texts now :P

What information do we get about the new job system?

- It seems like you are able to get recipes to produce weapons, equipment and accessories with jobbing (Translated weapon description: Materials for production of assistive devices is the lowest level attacks. For Hunter.)
- You will need special stones to produce these equipments (Translated stone description: Is used to manufacture minor professional equipment)
- Runes that give you some STR/INT/HP/MP bonus can be gained. Not sure how...
- New job ranks will exist (at least for hunter and thief)
- 5 Job Skill Masteries will be added

Skill masteries: (crappy translation, i dont care :P)
Musical instruments

Flute and trumpet blowing skills are polished. To spread festive ring of traders playing the music, led by donkeys and horses, the cows were gathered.

Space utilization

Space more efficiently to develop their skills in writing. Mastering this technology for traders to use their writing pockets and backpack, he said.

Guards made

Transportation and manufacturing technology to protect the protectors are polished. Production of high-level guards to the destination of transportation will increase chance of surviving.

Masters of Transportation

Laden with a quick shift more to develop their skills. Improved technology, the more you can load at a time siteul can leave more profit.

Cattle mustering

Effectively to develop their skills in driving cattle. Faster means of transportation because driving to shorten trading hours trading activity over time can be effective.

Well, this looks very interesting. I hope the new system brings more fun in the game since job activities are very rare at the moment - in almost every version of the game.


iSRO - Silk Gift

On the last notice Joymax changed his Item Mall policy, in order to enable one of the functions that was available since almost the begin on kSRO. It's called "Silk Gift". By this method users will be able to send Silk Gifts to others players through the in-game Item Mall, spending their already existing normal Silk. The sent Silk can be used by the reciver as normal Silk for purcharse Items from the Item Mall.
The new feature will be implemented on the next server inspection (9 of November). If you want to purcharse Silk you will have to agree with the new Item Mall rules.
Check the iSRO homepage for the fully changes on the Agreement service.


Job quests (Hunter)

First of all, stop complaining on the comments with "show us something new!" and so, remember that we do this for free, lol

Wutever, here you are some translated new job quests. Remember that the quests can only be done by Hunters or Thieves.
As I said on the last notice on September, there are 2 kind of quests. Quests have the same structure, only change the level and the required item/amount.

Hunter quests:

Type A:

Mission: Collect 500 Gold Box
Reward: Items based on a Job Exp 11040 (10% extra bonus for the entire collection) in safe mode, only 50% paid (can't find a better translation for this, >_<) ◈ Type: Infinite repeatable quest
NPC: Trader Syabonneu (new special NPC)
Monster: Monsters from level 100 to 109
Professional level, the endless effort to raise is required. When you are ready to do etymology of 500 gold boxes. Gold box below the 100 level to 109 level can be obtained when it is hunting monsters. If a lack of time available, even if all the gold box, do not worry. 500 dogs found, uncle Zavulon need to collect as much as everyone would settle drill. ">But everything must come together to get more professional experience do not forget that.

(Monsters are NPC Thieves. You only get half of the reward if you kill the thieves during safe mode trade. NPC's should drop the Gold Boxes (for this quest))

Type B:

Mission: Delivery Speciality lv 110
Reward: Job Exp 1011151900 (with safe mode, only 50%)
Type: 1 Week Quest (this means 1 time per week)
NPC: Anya Traders (new special NPC)
Monster: None
Specialty referral came in ships. Anya traders in Constantinople, when delivered to the specialty that is. Specialties delivery quest quest to collect the goods trade than do jobs and notify you gave a lot of experience is a good idea.

(Basically you have to help a trader to deliver the quest item to another place for complete que quest).

Thief quests coming on the next days =3


Contacting silkroadsecrets

Since it seems like a lot of people want to contact me, I give you now the possibility to do that. Simply send an e-mail to silkroadsecrets@googlemail.com and I'll try to answer your questions. But please don't spam it ^_^


Old SRO screenshots [August 2004]

Wanted to post them yesterday, but I forgot xD

Now that were all old pictures officially released by Joymax until the end of the beta. ^_^


Joymax planning new features?

iSRO's update from today gives us some new text lines which could show what Joymax releases in the future.

Webshop / Web Gacha
The Korean texts mention a 웹실크몰 (Web mall), 웹팡카드 (Web Gacha, Gacha is a luck game like Magic POP) and something like an item storage. Since these texts will appear ingame a direct connection between the websites and the game client seems possible. But the features are actually not a great invention. cSRO has a web mall with cheap silk items since years, jSRO has a cool web game where you get random cards and must collect them to get a reward. Just on kSRO/iSRO this is something new.

Production system
This seems to be a new alchemy system where you can make items using recipes. Example text strings: "Learn production recipe", "Do you want to learn how to make that item? [number] gold needed.", "If you learned a recipe you can create an item" and "Material is not required in the recipe."
Items of the categories Fortress War, Alchemy, Pets and Trade can be created. More details are unknown at the moment.

Triangular conflict update
Players seem to be able to invest gold in traders, and once the traders do a successful traderun the player who invested will receive a commission (or something like that). For this, a special Trading Box item will be needed. (I think the investor must buy the box and give it to the trader, and once the trade is finished he gets gold, not sure about how exactly it works)
If players want to get a job, jobs that already are used by a high amount of players can not be chosen anymore. If for example 80% of the server's players are traders and hunters, new characters can only chose thief as a job. Quitting the current job will cost 10,000,000 gold.
For job level-ups, gold and/or items will be needed in the future.

Well, that's all we know so far, I'll post again if I find out more ^_^


Silkroad 2

Was already known that Joymax is developing the sequel of Silkroad, Silkroad 2. I found a bit more details about it browsing around Korean tech news ^^

Basically says, that Silkroad 2 will have RvR. Also it will be centered on the myths and gods.
It's expected to be released during the 2011 (probably in summer). The location changed a bit and probably we are going to play as a new race, and not the ones we are used to.
Some pics:

I can't understand much Korean but I think that's basically what the notice says. Feel free to submit corrections XD

Source: GameSpot.co.kr

PS: Did you ever wondered how the Silkroad servers looks like? ^^


PK2 Edit: Ice Fairy Dress

Yea, some kind of new dress huh? Gonna make more in the future.

iSRO new silk items / Halloween event

After the Halloween Dress 2010, a dress called Dragon Dress will be released. Joymax described it in the newest kSRO Media.pk2 file as a "Costume worn by Dragon Warrior" (google translator ftw).
Also, they already translated the texts of the Pharaoh Tomb Dungeon ticket to English what could mean that this item comes to iSRO soon. The English description:

Unlimited entrance chance to the Tomb of Pharaoh.
How to use
When you enter the Tomb of Pharaoh, usage begins.

A premium quest ticket has also been added and this item too has its English description already:

Premium Quest (Purification seed) can be executed one at a time.
How to use
When the item is clicked, usage begins. Having multiple Premium Quest Tickets will decrease each time the quest has been completed. During the Premium Item period, the premium quest can be done continuously if a premium ticket is purchased.

Information about iSRO's Halloween event have been released:

Hello. This is Silkroad Online.
On October 31, Halloween day, Silkroad has prepared the Halloween event.

Scare away the GhostSungSungs from all over the fields. You will receive rewards like Halloween Bomb, scrolls, and others.

Also, an updated Halloween avatar will be available for sale. For more information, please check the Silkroad homepage. Thank you.

Event Period : 10/26/2010 ~ 11/9/2010 (Before the inspection)

Same event as last year?

Gump's Blog

Since many people complained on the last entry about the lack of sources, we are going to publish the blog of Gump. He is one of the Joymax developers. His blog is not only about Silkroad, but many stuff and so. I found it around 4 months ago looking for Forgotten World pics.
Whatever, this is the link to the notice that we posted on the last entry:


Blog link:


We are going to keep translating interesting entries from that blog.
Also he sometimes offer job positions on Joymax, if you are Korean keep an eye on his blog, =3


Silkroad Team Seminar: Jobbing = Fail / Baghdad mentioned

On October 13 there was a seminar with the development teams from Silkroad 1 and Silkroad 2. A level designer from Joymax reported about the results of the meeting.

The core system of a game is important for the player's experiences

Lineage = mainly PvP => successful system
Mabinogi = rebirth => half succcess
Silkroad = triangular conflict => failed system


Why did the triangular conflict system fail?
- In early levels you can get a good amount of gold, but later on it's worth nothing.
- Level difference between thief players and trader players makes jobbing difficult
- Lack of content, jobbing gets boring after a while
- If you go jobbing you have less time to level up your character

The success of the core system is usually related to the game's success.

It's the very rare case that a game with a failed core system like Silkroad is successful. In this case, the atmosphere of the game world made it a success.

Later he writes about expansions and updates of games:
Dungeons and cities are opening
WoW: Icecrown (Dungeon)
Silkroad: Baghdad (city) (yes he really wrote 바그다드 (Baghdad))

[...] (we don't care about his explanations about the icecrown in WoW, he just says with small updates they add some more things every week or so)

Silkroad's Baghdad

A large update reveals the city of Baghdad for the first time. (large patch = 1 dungeon or 1 city added with every patch)
Baghdad is very much a concept of production and is divided into 3 parts, that means 3 large patches.

The city and the obstacles work with a minimum of equipment (I think he means with a minimum of work) rather than the production of multiple small patches.
Baghdad, hmm? Islam race or what? >_< I'll maybe send him a mail to get more information about what he means.
The World must be divided in 3 regions:

- The field where the core system must be the game content
- The dungeons in which you have bosses (Final Boss is based on the pattern and nature of planning the entire monster)
- The cities for resting and for transportation if necessary

The other things are very theoretical about the design of online game worlds itselves and not that interesting. If I get more information about why he referred to "Baghdad" as a city in SRO, I'll post it here~


Design changed

The voting resulted in a change of the design to a new - Flame Mountain one. Do you like it or not? Any suggestions? Leave a comment!



Jupiter Temple: Mob list (2)

Got the Jupiter Temple mob names now (roughly translated to English). Some information about the mythology is at the links.

Nike Lion
Griffin Guard
Immortal Griffin
Immortal Guard
Immortal Watcher
Angry Fanatic
Mean Fanatic
Baal's Devil Dog
Baal's Watchdog
Charm Witch
Distorted Fanatic
Fear Serpent
Twisted Fanatic
Immortal Protector
Nightmare Serpent
Apollo's Lion
Apollo's Lion 2 (really, the Korean name is 아폴로의2)
Cursing Fanatic
Dark Devil
Blood Witch (some kind of vampire?)
Watcher Of Desire
The Earth (quite unsure why they named a mob like that)
Dark Dog
Babilion (maybe Babylon, not sure)

Jupiter Temple: Mob list

With today's kSRO update we got the list of all mobs in the upcoming Jupiter Temple dungeon. Note that these are not their ingame names but their mob IDs. We can also see that some mobs are again just copies from others.

MOB_JUPITER_NIKE_LION (looks like Selene's Lion)
MOB_JUPITER_APOLLO_LION (looks like Selene's Lion)
MOB_JUPITER_APOLLO_LION2 (looks like Selene's Lion)
MOB_JUPITER_MINO (looks like Cowking from Flame Mountain)
MOB_JUPITER_DEVIL_DARK (looks like Flame Captain from Flame Mountain)
MOB_JUPITER_DESIRE_WATCH (looks like Sand hyena)
MOB_JUPITER_THE_EARTH1 (looks like the Kiklopes-like Fortress War unique)
MOB_JUPITER_BABILION_CLON (even though it says CLON it seems to have its own look)

More facts about the mobs are unknown at the moment.


iSRO GM confirms: Silk buying bots get no ban

[GM]Balacas has released some informations about the way bot bans work in iSRO in the official Forum (GM Lounge).

First, he gave a quite unimpressive answer: (translated from German to English)

Will silk buying bots also be banned?

Well, I already waited for this question. I'm not allowed to say that but you know the answer. I just say: Wimps!

But now he gave some more detailed information who gets banned and who not.

Big praise to you. I also noticed that some things changed. But only because wemade took over this crap.
(to all who speak German: ich konnte keine gute Übersetzung für "Saftladen" finden... hat jemand nen Vorschlag?)

"Crap" is a good expression! I'm really frustrated the last days. Well, WeMade changed some things but they are still too "soft".
Bots that spawn in the cities or have silk are not allowed to be touched. That's a catastrophe. I can understand that with the silk (suggestions to change that got ignored) and about the others in the cities I hear "They don't do anything or could be users". Oh I say it: it's sick! (Sorry, gotta say that)
I would kick them all out if they pay or not. Bot is bot for me. But I'm not allowed to do anything.

At this point I want to thank [GM]Balacas (who will read this post too I guess? :P).
I hope the bosses don't punish you for just saying the truth about the iSRO bot ban situation.

In the Screenshot Gallery published by 3ste_Muschi he admits that some GMs are using sBot. Interesting.


Old SRO screenshots [July 2004]

Yoh guys, I'm back from my autumn holidays so I have to post something :P
(some quite important news will follow in the next days, but for now just screenshots of the SRO beta)


Job quests - More info

More information about the upcoming job quests =3
We've now the names of the quests, and the things that you have to do on them. Basically:

For Traders:
There are not quests for traders! Only Hunters and Thieves will be able to obtain and complete the job quests. Seems Joymax preffer give more rewards to the other jobs than add more benefits to the traders (which already recieve a reasonable amount of money delivering the stuff).

For Hunters:
* The quests can be obtained through a new NPC which is going to appear on every city (except Alexandria).
* They have 2 kind of missions:
  1. Obtain quests items from the NPC/Player thieves.
  2. Protect successfuly the traders on his travel (mission gets completed when you get the Hunter experience while the trader sells the goods).
* All the quests are repeteable unlimited times.
* The quests are sorted by level. This means you only will be able to complete the quests killing thieves and protecting traders which are around your level.

For the Thieves:
* The quests can be obtained through a new NPC which is going to appear on every city (except Alexandria).
* They have 2 kind of missions:
  1. Obtain quests items from the NPC/Player hunters/traders.
  2. Steal the goods from the traders and delivering them to the Bandit Den (mission gets completed when you get the Thief experience while you are selling the stolen goods).
* All the quests are repeteable unlimited times.
* The quests are sorted by level. This means you only will be able to complete the quests killing hunters/traders and stealing traders which are around your level.

More info coming soon. Joymax only updated one file so most of this info are predictions (usually I'm right). All the new text from where I build this entry can be found here.


Job quests

Today on the iSRO update Joymax added the names of some new quests items. Those items seem to be job quest items. They are special goods that you obtain by quests and you have to deliver them to other cities. So that's basically: when you trade you also can do quests. The new goods are sorted by level so there probably are unlimited repeatable quests. An example of one of them:

1 SN_ITEM_QNO_TRADE_HUNTER_B_009_1 특산품 레벨50(중국)
There are also quest items for thieves. Let's see what is coming on the next kSRO update =3


New Horse Bug

Video by FireWavezZz. At this time I don't know exactly how this bug was done, but we will try to find it out :P

edit: "you need bronze honor buff or more, then teleport from a town to town or ferry and your horse will be next to you."
Quite simple haha^^

Jupiter Temple level 108-110 dungeon!

Again some news about jupiter temple: It will be a dungeon with monster level 108-110 according to the newest korean texts. It will have multiple areas listed below (rough translations).

Worship Center
The mysterious power of the sun
Monster level 108-110

Fanatic's hideout
The dark fanatics gather here
Monster level 108-110

The Worship Center will include an "Earth room", a "Jupiter room" and a "Juno room". What is in the fanatic's hideout is unknown at the moment. From the entrance of the jupiter temple you will be able to teleport to the Worship Center and the Fanatic's Hideout.

First Mobs of the Jupiter Temple dungeon! (again rough translation)

Worship Center
Room 1: Dias
Room 2: Juno
Room 3: Jupiter

Fanatic's hideout
Room 1: "Dark Dog" (actually no good translation possible)
Room 2: Babilion
Room 3: Baal


SRO's ingame bot - bye bye handgrinding!

The newest update in kSRO gives us again some hints about what Joymax (or WeMade? whatever) plans for the future updates of the game. We found some texts about a new "Macro" function. This new function will have the 3 categories "Auto Potion", "Auto skills" and "Auto hunting". Automatic hunting? Hell yea, an ingame bot! That's what the SRO players have been waiting for... (or not)

But let's go deeper in the details.
With the new Auto Potion, you can set HP and MP potting, but also pets can be healed and feeded automatically with it now. New HP/MP recovery tickets can be used too by this Auto-Pot.
The Auto Skill function basically uses your buffs (with automatic weapon switches) and you can set skills to attack mobs.
In Auto hunting you can set a range in that automatically mobs will be killed with the selected skills. You can also set when to return to town (like no more pots or have to repair, after 1 hour etc.), when to use zerk, what to do when you die, if you want to pick up items (no hints about an item filter yet) and if you want to use a repair hammer or repair your items in town. If it can automatically return to the leveling spot is unknown yet.

So, basically Silkroad is getting a bot system which works ingame. What are the consequences?
- Botting will (at least with this bot) become LEGAL, no more bot  bans
- People will handgrind even less than before
- Bot companies will have less sales (depends on the bot features)
- Joymax/Wemade/whatever could sell this function for silk and get some profit

We have to see in which versions it will be added. I think some foreign Silkroad publishers (cSRO/vSRO/kSRO/jSRO/rSRO/thSRO/tSRO) would not want this feature to be added and keep fighting against the bots.
We can't do anything against that new feature. If it comes, Silkroad could finally turn into a game where there are no handgrinding people anymore. But still, it is the player's decision if they use it~


edit: Some people don't seem to believe this and take this as an april fools joke :P (greetz to the SRF and CP-G community)
But it's the reality. If you want a proof, just take a look in the newest kSRO Media.pk2 file ^_~


Old SRO screenshots [June 2004]

Meh, no more important news at the moment :P


New silk items planned

With the kSRO update from today, Joymax gave us some facts about new silk items that may come in the future:

Connection ticket
Quite simple: When you use the ticket, you can login to the server all time even when it is crowded. The item has no other function but this, so it is only useful if you don't want to buy a full premium ticket. ~A reason to disable the anti-goldbot-statues on iSRO again :P

Bronze EXP/SP tickets
A bronze EXP ticket can either run for some hours only or some days (from 5 hours up to 14 days different tickets will be available). It will give an EXP bonus of 20% while killing mobs, no SP-EXP bonus. For getting 20% SP-EXP, a bronze SP ticket will be available too.

50%/100% EXP/SP tickets
These tickets will run 1 hour and, just like bronze tickets, increase EXP or SP depending on the ticket you buy. These tickets can increase EXP or SP gained either by 50% or 100%.

HP/MP recovery ticket
HP/MP Recovery tickets will decrease the potion delay of characters. In the description it says that chineses will have a 1 second potion delay while using the ticket, and european characters will have a 15 second delay (what actually doesn't change it lol). These tickets last either 1, 2 or 3 hours.

Silver Premium / Premium / Premium Plus
The "old" premium tickets will be added for shorter times, like 1 or 2 weeks.


Jupiter Temple / Shard system / iSRO's Unique Event

Some region names of Jupiter Temple have been added into the textfiles of iSRO:
"Worship Center", "Cult's lair" and 3 rooms. These 3 rooms will contain a unique mob each. The last room has the name "Room of Jupiter", so maybe Jupiter will be a unique :P

An other line of the textfiles contains something "Server Selection Improvement" with the already english translated line "Located in". This could be a hint about the shard system to show what players/uniques etc. are located in which shard.

The unique event of iSRO seems to be a new thing, but in fact it is quite old. Joymax hasn't been really creative. The same event already existed in kSRO in the beginning of 2008:
Exactly the same uniques and exactly the same positions. Well, but since it is the first time that there's a unique event on iSRO it can be really seen as someting "new" - for the players. ^_^


Dungeon tickets / New avatar dress

Again, a new silk item in kSRO: The dungeon tickets! Normally, you have a limited number of times you can enter a dungeon (like 2 times per day in Pharaoh Tomb [5 with Premium+ in iSRO] or 1 time per day for the Forgotten World). Now, with this silk item you can enter a dungeon directly as often as you want.

Pharaoh Tomb dungeon ticket

Forgotten World dungeon ticket

Well, this is not the only thing kSRO will get. There is also a "New Arabian Dress" avatar:

More money for Joymax FTW ~_~