Jupiter Temple: Up to level 120?!

 First of all: Merry X-mas to you all~ ^_^

In the new update for cSRO's testserver, the descriptions for the Jupiter Temple region have been added.
(rough translations)

Base of the dimensional mirror
Survivors of the missing warriors gathered here

Duplicated garden of gods (I think of a parallel world in an other dimension or something like that)
Shady garden that was left out of desperation
Monster level 111~113

Duplicated forest of dusk
Light is gone from the cursed forest
Monster level 114~115

Duplicated desperado hill
The playground of the devil
Monster level 111~113

Duplicated forest of sorrow
The forest was filled from cries of experimenting fanatics
Monster level 116~120

Duplicated shore of dawn
Dark and cold waves with the sound of fear
Monster level 114~115

So, the mobs go up to level 120 and there is an outside area. But the char level cap? It is unsure at the moment, we will see ^_^


  1. I wonder how long they will pass to reach endgame ? You know it is like beta now. It is like expansion on every update. But still far away from it is purpose... :S

    anyways .. thank you for this information Babbe :)

  2. how to get a acc on test csro?

  3. You can't, it's not made for public testing.

  4. give me a download link for the client please i must check something in the files it's very important! (or e-mail it to vendrinszky@msn.com)

  5. why don't they post maps showing where ALL monsters are?