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Recipes for the devil spirit

Yoh guys~
I got contacted by email from the user "vendrinszky", he sent me some pictures of the devil spirit pimping and showed how to obtain the Sabakun Jewel for plus-ing the devil spirit (we already reported about the benefits here). Thank you a lot for these interesting images ^_^

Sabakun's Jewel can be gained with a recipe. We already know that Legend XI will feature recipe alchemy. So maybe this will be available in kSRO with Legend XI too, as a feature which is not announced yet.

A stone that makes the char deal more damage on uniques only. I don't know yet how to get it, maybe also with a recipe.

Pimping the devil spirit...

Greetz to [GM]Chulsu ^_~


Jupiter Temple: Up to level 120?!

 First of all: Merry X-mas to you all~ ^_^

In the new update for cSRO's testserver, the descriptions for the Jupiter Temple region have been added.
(rough translations)

Base of the dimensional mirror
Survivors of the missing warriors gathered here

Duplicated garden of gods (I think of a parallel world in an other dimension or something like that)
Shady garden that was left out of desperation
Monster level 111~113

Duplicated forest of dusk
Light is gone from the cursed forest
Monster level 114~115

Duplicated desperado hill
The playground of the devil
Monster level 111~113

Duplicated forest of sorrow
The forest was filled from cries of experimenting fanatics
Monster level 116~120

Duplicated shore of dawn
Dark and cold waves with the sound of fear
Monster level 114~115

So, the mobs go up to level 120 and there is an outside area. But the char level cap? It is unsure at the moment, we will see ^_^


Legend XI Announced for kSRO!

Joymax just opened the Legend XI teaser website, first it says that Legend XI will come in January (download will be released January 19).

New Fortress COS

New Quickslot

 Job skills

New party matching

 New map UI

Can't translate them all because I don't speak korean, sorry.

Joymax works harder and harder to get the players back ^_^



This update had a lot of cool stuff, but many other who disappointed me.
The Item Link feature didn't got added after all. For some reasons Joymax preffers that we keep using 1 global for say all the stats of 1 item >_>
Also the Dimensional Holes spawn ratio was as low as I expected, killed around 300 mobs without anything special, no holes, not even nova drop =3
I was expecting also the Guild GUI update but we didn't got it too.
On the other side, they finally fixed the bug which made the Pharaon Tomb uniques didn't drop any Copper/Iron coin. Now they drop the coins as they should do since the last legend, in fact I already got mines from Osiris ^^

Appart from that, a lot of confusion respect the new consigment system, ppl complaining cuz they have to pay taxes before the item gets sold, and fun with the new PVP modes.


iSRO Legend VI - Full explanation

So, I've decided to make this "guide" for solve any doubt that you get with the new Forgotten World update. I will mention also the most important changes that there will be on the update. I hope you enjoy this and it helps you on your doubts. If after reading this still have any doubt ask on the comments.

What's new?

On the new update there were many changes on some common functions of the client.

New PVP mode

The PVP Capes will be gone forever. Instead, you will have a new action icon on the Action (A) window. When you click there an small droplist like the extra slot skills bar will appear, and then you will be able to choose the PVP color (same as the old cape system).

New Stall System

Stall Network will get disabled from both client and server. Now you can make normal stalls, but Stall Network function will be gone. Instead a new NPC called "Consigment Jule" will appear on every town. On that NPC you can register the items that you want to sell, up to 50 items, and go do anything you want. When someone buy your items you will recive a message. By that way, the problem with the stallers filling the town it's gone. Also since you can register more items than on Stall Network, there will be more items available to buy.

Chat Link System

This new feature allows you to link the statistics of your items into the normal chat. You can link up to 3 items per message. For link an item you only have to Ctrl+left click on the item of your inventory and the link will appear on the chat input. For be able to use the link system on Global Chat and other chats (not sure which ones yet) you will have to buy a new Premium Item called "Expert" Premium.

Collection Book

A new menu will appear. Is related with the Forgotten World. As you complete the Forgotten World quests, you will get the Talismans. Those talismans gets placed on your Collection Book.
If you complete all the required quests on 100-110 map, you will get a Set new weapon type A or B.

New quest reward system

With this new quest reward system, you will be able to choose the reward that fits your character, also it gives more information about the reward.

What is the Forgotten World?

The Forgotten World is a new instance-based system, very similar to the Pharaon Tomb system. When you enter to the Forgotten World, a new instance is created on the server only for you and the friends that you invite. The aim is reach to the end of the instance by killing monsters, unlocking doors and killing mini-uniques.
For access to the Forgotten World, you only have to grind like you used to do, kill monsters and eventually some kind of bunnies with a big key and a witch hat will appear:

When you kill them they will drop Forgotten World holes. You can use those holes on the city. Only you will be able to see and use them. The holes lasts for 24 hours on your inventory. Once you teleport through the hole, you can summon your friends to your instance for do it together.
The instance difficulty is splitted on stars. As more stars have the hole, more difficult it is. It's possible to do the 1/2 stars instances alone without major problems, but the 3/4 stars instances are totally impossible if you don't go with a decent party.

Instance levels:

Togui Village: lvl 35~50 | lvl 51~60 | lvl 61~70
Flame Mountain: lvl 71~80 | lvl 81~90
Shipwreck: lvl 91~100 | lvl 100~110

That's all so far, next week: How to obtain the A and B Set items.


Job skills from Legend XI

I found a list of job skills in new testserver files. The translation might not always be correct, but I tried my best^_^
btw: is this the first time I mention the name "Legend XI" for the jupiter-temple-and-job-update?

Summoning skills
Trader's flute (1~7Lv)
Summons transports for job activities.
Trader's trumpet (1~3Lv)
Summons better transports for job activities.

Trading pocket skills
Pocket usage (1~2Lv)
A small pocket will be used to store items.
Backpack usage (1~2Lv)
A backpack will be used to store items.

Transport defense skills
Leather armor
Minor leather straps are fitted to protect the transport. Maximum HP of the transport will rise.
Iron armor
Minor steel mounting pads to protect your vehicle. Maximum HP of the transport will rise.

Capacity skills
Low transport capacity
Increase the carrying capacity of vehicles. Increases the inventory of transports.
High transport capacity
Increase the carrying capacity of vehicles a lot. Increases the inventory of transports.

Speed skills
Low transport speed-up
Increase the movement speed of vehicles.
High transport speed-up
Increase the movement speed of vehicles a lot.

At the moment it is unknown how to learn them, how they will be used exactly etc. We will try to find out more in the future.


kSRO: 12th degree, Jupiter Temple, event

Joymax has included some new information about the upcoming kSRO updates in today's update.

First of all, items of the 11th and 12th degree (it says so in the description) can be changed by an item to a different look.
Contains the wisdom of the sky dragon. Accessorie's/Shield's/Weapon's/Armor's inherent power will be woken up to change it into a new look, he said.
No further details on this are known yet.

Specific equipment for each job will exist (weapons, armors etc.) and they will be divided into categories, from weak types to strong types. Maybe you will need the item described above to strengthen these equipments.

Jupiter temple could be a bigger region than we expected. 83 mobs in total got the location "jupiter temple". Of course we can't know if Joymax will really include all of them (wtf, it's only level 108 - 110!), but if they do, it will be a good variety to chose from. If you are interested in the full list of mobs with korean names, click here.

A new event for kSRO is planned to begin at january 25th. In this event, players will be able to receive a buff that increases and absorbs up to 10% damage, maybe from an NPC in each city like iSRO had it already. Also the players can win very rare emblems from 2005 which were never available in iSRO. These "avatars" show the 4 uniques of the Qin Shi Tomb B5 rooms. To participate in the event, players will have to collect the 5 letters "H A P P Y" and exchange them at the So-Ok-Event NPC.


cSRO testserver even more boring

We tested the jSRO Forgotten World testserver, but there was not much to see because there didn't spawn any rabbits. Now, cSRO has updated their internal test server to the Forgotten World update too. There aren't any accounts - except ours and the GM's of course, so you can't test it, sorry ^_^

The testserver we got here is even more boring than jSRO's. Why? Simply because I just started with a level 1 character. >_>

Well, nevermind, here are some screens showing what's going on on that server:

... oh wait, who the hell is that? o_O


Forgotten World Artworks

cSRO's publisher CIMO has released cool artworks for the upcoming forgotten world update:

(there aren't many news atm, sorry) :P