Gump's Blog

Since many people complained on the last entry about the lack of sources, we are going to publish the blog of Gump. He is one of the Joymax developers. His blog is not only about Silkroad, but many stuff and so. I found it around 4 months ago looking for Forgotten World pics.
Whatever, this is the link to the notice that we posted on the last entry:


Blog link:


We are going to keep translating interesting entries from that blog.
Also he sometimes offer job positions on Joymax, if you are Korean keep an eye on his blog, =3


  1. thank you :)
    I don't really understand why the blog of that guy should be "secret" like synx said. There aren't that many guys here in isro who understand korean languarge so no one will "steal" this news from you. Unfortunately many sro-players think sources have to be secret.

  2. @Anonymous
    Because else this blog will be called "Silkroad well-know Secrets" XD

  3. @Synx
    Hehe. Don't worry, it ain't gonna happen xD

    Anyway, i really like your work guys and like Anonymous guy said, just a little group of people know korean, so keep up the good work and you will remain as "Silkroad Secrets" xD

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