Old Silkroad Screenshots

As you may have noticed, there aren't many news at the moment (looks like Joymax already finished every update until the end of the year and just releases them whenever they want). I decided to post some old screenshots for you then ^_^ They are from beta tests, the dates are unknown.


D12: Weapon skills and other info

With the D12 update, comes a new skill included on every D12 weapon.
This skill depends of the plus of the item, and can be used anytime, not sure about the cooldown.

◆ +0 - Damage return (1Lv) 3% chance of physical / magic damage 10% return
◆ +5 - Damage returned (2Lv) 3% chance of physical / magic damage by 15% return
◆ +9 - Damage returned (3Lv) 3% chance of physical / magic damage 20% return
◆ +12 - Damage returned (4Lv) 3% chance of physical / magic damage 25% return

Together with that, the kSRO GM confirmed some new info, like if you fail plusing a D12 item, even if it try to be +0 -> +1, it can be destroyed, but for our pleasure there is an item on the Item Mall for protect our weapons from this (also lv 106+ mobs should drop it). With this item, when the enchant fail, instead of get destroyed, the item get a -1 plus. So if you fail a +3, it goes to +2, and if you fail a +0, it goes -1 XD
Also, both the Tessera (for upgrade the items from D11 to D12) and the Enhancers (the new elixir for D12 items) can be obtained through hunting, but only mobs from lv 101+ drop them.
Dropped Tesseras have lower chance of upgrading your weapon to D12, but don't worry, even if it fails, only the Tessera will be destroyed, not the weapon. The Item Mall ones have a 100% chance.

- Enhancer + Plus protector

- Destroying a +3 item without using a Plus protector

Soon some info about the Rocky system =3


Commands for the GM console!

Hi guys, since I promised I'd do a list with less known commands for the GM console, here it is! Not all of these commands might work in the SRO version you're playing because of the client differences.

/isattack X
Well, I don't know what this command is for. But it writes a yellow "No - Object..." in the chat window :P

Quite awesome command to set the graphics a little higher. I took screenshots to compare the graphics with and without using the /lod command. (it not only fixes some graphic bugs but also the background gets a little more detailed)

/time X
Set for X a number between 0 and 24. It just changes the daytime.

/add_temppos X
Spawns a Mangyang with name X at your position. Seems to have no other function at the moment xD

An interesting command for all the coders out there. Whenever a packet is sent by the client, the opcode will be displayed in the status window at the bottom right.

Makes a list of all dropped items around you.

Disables the JPG compression for screenshots.