HOT NEWS: Battle Arena - First images!!

I will post the very first screenshots from the Battle Arenas here!!

The screenshots are from Maya temple (or probably Indian temple). In this Arena, you can only fight the Monster Hunt game mode in teams (parties [8 vs 8, called Star], guilds [16 vs 16, called Moon], jobs [unknown size], random teams [32 vs 32, called Sun]). In the game mode Monster Hunt there will be monsters spawning. By killing them or killing a player from the opposite team your team will get points. The team with the highest amount of points after a specific time will win.
Killing a player: 6 points
Normal mob: 1 point
Champion: 3 points
Giant: 8 points
Strong mob: 60 points
As a reward, the players of the winning team get Arena Coins which can be exchanged at an NPC for other items.

Star map (8 vs 8)

Moon map (16 vs 16, the screenshots are from this one)

Sun map (32 vs 32)

You can find more images on The-Pain.net blog, I made some for him :P


HOT NEWS: New SRO dungeon?

Today, kSRO got an update for the Battle Arena Event and some bug fixes.
But Joymax also added new lines of text that could be a hint for a new dungeon!!
/ / God's heritage UI
1 UIIT_STT_GOD_TOGUI togwimaeul
1 UIIT_STT_GOD_FLAME Flame Mountain

God's heritage is the title of the new update.
Togwimaeul is something I don't know, but Flame Mountain is the upcoming area south of Hotan!
1 UIIT_MSG_GOD_GATE_MOVE to move into the world of the unknown.
Okay, from this we know there will be a "world of the unknown" and a gate with that you can go there.

1 UIIT_STT_PARTY_SUMMON_CONFIRM_BOX [% s] you a invitation to the world of the unknown. Join now to recall?
As it seems, other party members can be invited to the dungeon "world of unknown".

1 UIIT_MSG_ERR_MAGIC_HOLE_TOWN gate may be generated only in the village.
I'm not sure about what exactly this means, but there is a "Magic Hole Town".

1 UIIT_MSG_ERR_MAGIC_HOLE_LIMIT_DUNGEON today capable of generating in excess of the maximum number indeon, the gate can not be generated.
Better translation of this would be: The number of users to enter the dungeon is at maximum, so you can not use the teleport gate.

So, from some lines we already know that Joymax seems to plan something big...

Battle Arena - groups you can fight in

There are 4 modes in the upcoming Battle Arena.

Random battle
At this arena, you can participate as an individual. Once the match begins, foes and allies are established at random.

Party battle
At this arena, one team will fight another. Only party leaders can register to enter. Once the party leader registers, all party members are registered to enter.

Guild battle

At this arena, one guild will fight another. You can select up to 16 guild members who will participate. Only guild masters can register to enter. You can select the best guild members and prove to the world that you are the best guild.

Job battle
At this arena, Merchants and Hunters Guilds will fight against the Thieves Guild. If you have bones to pick with your enemy Guild, put on your profession outfit and step up to the challenge.

In these groups, you can fight in 6 Arenas (Star, Moon, Sun, Joobird, Dragon, Bongbird).

For more information about specific game modes look here:


Quests that you have never seen (part 1)

There's not only items that a lot of people didn't see before, but also quests that have not been included to the game (yet?)...
It is strange that there are almost no quests in Karakoram area, but new ones will come. I will give you the overview about quests that are actually planned, but not included to the game.
The rewards of these quests are unknown

Western China

Catching Shadows
Hunt the Shadow Red Eye Demon which randomly appears in Dead Ravine.
NPC: Blacksmith Agol

Feed for One-Eyed Monster
Use the Pouches you get from Protector Trader Yeolah in Dead Ravine to gather 10 Flame Essence.
NPC: Protector Trader Yeolah

Yeolah's Curiosity
Use Flame Bait to capture the Monstrous Eye Demon Champion and bring him to Yeolah in some minutes.
NPC: Protector Trader Yeolah

Oasis Kingdom

Maong's Black Wings
Collect 50 Maong's Black Wings and bring them to Makhan.
NPC: Soldier Makhan

Pahap's Fury
Kill 200 Bunwangs.
NPC: Jade refiner Pahap

Pahap's Greed
Collect 10 gems from Bunwang Giants and bring them to Pahap.
NPC: Jade refiner Pahap

Duyun's Question
Collect 40 Venom of White Spider and bring them to Duyun.
NPC: Soldier Duyun

A Mysterious Thief
Look for something with a Sturdy Shovel at the palm trees to the right just across the bridge to the south of Hotan.
NPC: Soldier Leihan

~~ More quests to come later!


Joymax planning to sell Skill Points? [Update]

I received a lot of questions concerning the new item that gives SP.
Some people asked for a proof where to find the text in the current iSRO files. You can read the description in lines 7950 and 7955 of the current textdataname.txt file:

사용 시 랜덤한 양의 스킬 포인트가 증가합니다.

Some also said they think it would be the Stat Point re-use item. This is wrong, the Stat Point recall item has the following description:
1 SN_ITEM_MALL_STATS_POINT_RECALL_TT_DESC 현재 까지 획득한 스탯 포인트를 모두 회수 합니다.
Rough translation: "The current of acquired stat points recall all."
It's not sure if one of the items will really be sold in SRO, but it could be.


Russian Silkroad Online Closed Beta!

Since today, the Russian Silkroad Online servers are available to beta testers!
There exist 2 servers that are easy (at the moment) and there's absolutely no lag.
European characters exist, the level cap is 100 with Ch'in tomb. More information coming soon!

Client download:

Official site:


Joymax planning to sell Skill Points?

I just updated my iSRO to the current version and looked into the PK2 files. There I found a new item added:
Item name: Skillpoint Scroll
Item type: Item Mall item
Description: Using a random amount of skill points to increase. (translated from korean)
Joymax seems to plan selling random amounts of SP for silk... an other way to make lots of money.

kSRO: X-mas event in december! [Update]

Hello, this is So-Ok.
Silk Road right in the winter we have prepared a different event.

Winter Witch appears on the Silk Road was bothering people.
You guys from around the world witch winter, the Silk Road, please watch ~
Of course, I'll get rewarded compensation ~

You have to unite all the more rewards will be given!
Come on! Now, come on ~

For more event information, please refer to the website ~
Event Date: 2009/12/16 ~ 2009/12/30
The event drops called "Snowflake" will be dropped from event mobs called Winter Witch! Sounds interesting :P


kSRO: X-mas event in december!

In kSRO, there will be an X-mas event in december. The event will be a So-ok event where you have to gain 10 Snowflakes to get a reward. It starts on december 16, the ending date is unknown.

There will also be other events:

Snowman fight event
Knights recall events
Recall events in winter


kSRO new maximum gold amounts

With one of the latest kSRO updates, the maximum gold amounts for some functions have been changed.

Here is an overview: