It has been a while...

...since I've posted here. Well, I played eSRO and some other stuff, and there weren't really many interesting news about SRO. Still, there were some and I will summarize them here.

The following information are taken from kSRO's newest files:

Survey system
Joymax included some texts about a survey system in which players are supposed to tell their opinions. It's unknown yet if the surveys are about game related stuff or if there are any rewards for them.

New Pet system
The new pet system includes equipment for attack pets as well as special skills for pets. From the Korean translations it seems that there will be a function to exchange SP between the pet and the player char somehow.

Muhan Dungeon
A dungeon named "Muhan" has been added. It exists in 2 versions, for 1 player and for 8 players. It will probably be released with the Arabian region update.

That's all for now, I hope there will be more exciting things soon >_<'