Maya Temple and Air Garden

As I promised, here you are the second video showing the lasts 2 Battle Arenas, the Maya Temple and the Air Garden. Sorry for the delay posting them I was very busy the last week. Also sorry for don't show the whole Maya Temple, that map is very big and I had some problems with the script.

Next video will be a PvP made entirely with intro scripting, but I will not post the video here because it's not a secret (=P), so if you want to watch it remember to subscribe to my Youtube channel ^_^


Battle Arena - Air Garden firsts screenshots

By casualty while I was doing the script of the Maya Temple map, I discovered the third Battle Arena map, who is in early stage development. The map size is pretty small, and there are a lot of missing renders, even the mountains around the map are missing (Joymax didn't added them yet). I will include a small preview of this new map when I release the next video showing the Maya Temple. Until then, here you are some screens I did on the script. Look closely at the renders, you will see some fails on them XD

Please ignore the box at the left corner, I have some problems with the KSRO loader x_x


Battle Arena - Chinese Wall preview

Hey sup?
I just did a video of the new Battle Arena map, the Chinese Wall. I did it entirely with intro scripting, so enjoy =3

Babbe and me are working on the second video, showing the Maya Temple and the first PvP in intro script (on the new zone). More info soon, stay tunned ^_^


Silkroad server files - part 1

Ever wondered what the official Silkroad server files look like? We got some pictures of a program called SMC which manages the Silkroad Online game servers.

More to come later :)


2010 is here!

Happy new year 2010!