13th Degree

kSRO updated this Wednesday their servers with the D13 update.
This is just like the D12 first update, the cap level is still 120 and also the skills. The only way for obtain the D13 items right now is upgrading your D12+6 items (I'm not sure about the plus since the image is in Korean).

For everyone who want to see the new items, here is a vid with them all:


Pet Update comes to iSRO

Today, Joymax released a manual patch file for iSRO which can be installed at next week's update. It contains the new pet system which is already implemented in kSRO.
Here is a list of the new pets:

Yellow Sparkle Ostrich

Blood Armor Dino

Lava Roar Hound

Rubino Phoenix

Ancient Tribal Bear

Half Moon Jaguar

I will also make a post about "Silkroad R" and more information about the arabian update soon! ^-^