More info about Arabia

Found more map files, added some info and explanations on them:

Click on the image for see everything.

Petra dungeon (I think the final name will be "Kalia's Hideout"):

And arabia's garden (no final name found):

That's all, I will keep you all informed if I find something else!


Arabia images

Hi again, so long without updates right? Well, today I come with something hot. For various reasons, I was trying to download and login on jSRO SRO-R version. Whatever, while exploring the jSRO SRO-R client found stuff that is not even on kSRO client, theorically the most updated client out.
For now, I've found 3 loading screens from Baghdad town. This images are NOT FAKE, are official images from the SRO-R client of Japan. Enjoy!


Aaaand.... Baghdag town map:

Seems like Baghdag is going to be a pretty big city!