Silkroad Mysteries #1: Autorun

Through the years, players have found many mysterious and hidden functions on the game client. One of the functions, which it's currently an urban legend, talks about the incredible powers of the "Autorun" function, an action which has been in our clients since the beginning of the game, waiting for someone to use its amazing powers for dominating the Silk Road.
We've decided to investigate the real function of that mysterious action, so we directly asked Joymax what this action is used for... and we got an insane reply which changed the way we look at Silkroad Online...

It does.... NOTHING!!!11!!1!
Yeah, you have read it right, this amazing action hides... nothing behind it.

So, have fun and enjoy even more Silkroad Online using this awesome feature!!


Again a new style

I just wanted to test some design stuff and now we got a Shipwreck style. Do you like it or not? Leave a comment!


kSRO's new areas and stuff


GM area:

New loading screen:

Maybe you can find a hint in the loading screen about the next update? :O


Catapults and Rams - How to get them?

Joymax explained a shit about the whole new update that iSRO got this Tuesday. During this day I was experiencing myself the update and wasn't a real problem for me at all since I already dealed with it on kSRO, but most of the server didn't know a shit of how all of this worked. I had to spent 4 globals just for explain how the Item Linking feature works XD

Anyway, I decided to make small guides about this new complex update for make everyone understand how it works and don't get lost. Since the Fortress War it's coming, I will start with the Catapult and Rams creation.

1- Be a Guild master (not sure if works with all the guild permissions too)
2- Have enough GP's for spend in your guild (not too much)
3- Gold

Let's start.
1st: Go to the Hotan Guild Manager Musai and purcharse at least 10 of each element on the Guild store (I just tested the purcharse of them as a Guild Master)

2nd: Go to Jangan/Hotan Fortress Administrator and purcharse the 2 lasts scrolls (Ram Summon Scroll Recipe and Catapult Summon Scroll Recipe). Then use them with a right click on your inventory.

3rd: Open the Craft window. Go to the Siege tab and choose one of the two recipes. Then add the crafting materials you just have purcharsed on the Craft window:

4th: Press craft. You can make up to 1 scroll of each COS every 3 hours. Catapults and Rams can only be summoned during Fortress War, inside the Fortress War. That's all ^^


Take care with this, many people will use this for his advantage and try to scam players by selling this stuff at high prices.
I will be looking for suggestions on the comments about what guide should be the next. ^^


Jupiter Temple: First Quests / New regions

Joymax has now released the information about the Jupiter Temple (120 cap) quests in Korean. I chose some of the quests and translated them to English for a preview.

Main quests (there exist 31 main quests in total)

Kill 200 Temple Lion, 300 Young Temple Lions
238,205,337 EXP / Skill EXP 7321 / GOLD 441000
Can be done 1 time per week
Investigator Avril / Avril's missing team
Temple Lion, Young Temple Lion

Collect 1 Yuno's seed of life
1,197,791,957 EXP / Skill EXP 7321 / GOLD 448500
Can be done 1 time per week
Missing soldier Kish

Sub quest (there exist 57 sub quests in total)

Collect 1 Gottfried's pocket
170,986,515 EXP / Skill EXP 5226 / GOLD 358800
Can be done 1 time per week
Missing soldier Gottfried
Immortal guard

In total, 127,542,020,579 EXP is needed from Level 111 with 0% to 120 with 99.99%. So you have to do a lot of these quests week for week :P


Joymax also included 2 new region names:
GM room
A room where GMs can rest

Guilty people come here.



Private test server: What would you do with 99999 silk?

Q: What server is that?
A: This is a private testing server for GMs only.

Q: How many people can play there?
A: We don't know how many accounts exist. We only have access to 3 accounts at the moment.

Q: Where can I download the client?
A: You can't. You would need a specially modified pk2 which we won't release. So, you will not be able to play on this server.

Q: Are your characters on this server GMs?
A: Maybe these accounts have the GM flag enabled, but since GMs are also IP-bound and not just account-bound we can not use the GM functions.


Inside Joymax

Nothing interesting to say so I will post a pretty recent interview from Joymax offices ~

Notice about some interesting points:
1. On the first seconds they show their animation and render editor program. That from the video is a mob from Togui Village.
2. They read BAKUMAN!!! (min 0:16!!)
3. Fat guys are the ones who do the skinning task (0:54) (and also release 999 avatars with the same design and different colors, LEAVE NO PRISIONERS!!)
4. Art designs for upcoming maps at 1:01???
5. @ 1:25 that guy seems fell aslep XD

Just kidding about the above, enjoy the vid!