iSRO new silk items / Halloween event

After the Halloween Dress 2010, a dress called Dragon Dress will be released. Joymax described it in the newest kSRO Media.pk2 file as a "Costume worn by Dragon Warrior" (google translator ftw).
Also, they already translated the texts of the Pharaoh Tomb Dungeon ticket to English what could mean that this item comes to iSRO soon. The English description:

Unlimited entrance chance to the Tomb of Pharaoh.
How to use
When you enter the Tomb of Pharaoh, usage begins.

A premium quest ticket has also been added and this item too has its English description already:

Premium Quest (Purification seed) can be executed one at a time.
How to use
When the item is clicked, usage begins. Having multiple Premium Quest Tickets will decrease each time the quest has been completed. During the Premium Item period, the premium quest can be done continuously if a premium ticket is purchased.

Information about iSRO's Halloween event have been released:

Hello. This is Silkroad Online.
On October 31, Halloween day, Silkroad has prepared the Halloween event.

Scare away the GhostSungSungs from all over the fields. You will receive rewards like Halloween Bomb, scrolls, and others.

Also, an updated Halloween avatar will be available for sale. For more information, please check the Silkroad homepage. Thank you.

Event Period : 10/26/2010 ~ 11/9/2010 (Before the inspection)

Same event as last year?


  1. Any ideia how the avatar looks like?

  2. Of course the avatar looks like my entry for the Avatar Design Contest.

  3. lol
    FAIL creativity of Joymax.

    we need better events ...

  4. Sorry, i forget post the source in my blog. Sorry fot this ^_^"