Jupiter Temple level 108-110 dungeon!

Again some news about jupiter temple: It will be a dungeon with monster level 108-110 according to the newest korean texts. It will have multiple areas listed below (rough translations).

Worship Center
The mysterious power of the sun
Monster level 108-110

Fanatic's hideout
The dark fanatics gather here
Monster level 108-110

The Worship Center will include an "Earth room", a "Jupiter room" and a "Juno room". What is in the fanatic's hideout is unknown at the moment. From the entrance of the jupiter temple you will be able to teleport to the Worship Center and the Fanatic's Hideout.

First Mobs of the Jupiter Temple dungeon! (again rough translation)

Worship Center
Room 1: Dias
Room 2: Juno
Room 3: Jupiter

Fanatic's hideout
Room 1: "Dark Dog" (actually no good translation possible)
Room 2: Babilion
Room 3: Baal

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