Earth Ghost Town screenshots

Again new watermarks. I'm sorry that I have to put so many on the pictures, but so the turkish forums can not steal it and just put their own watermarks on it :P
More screenshots and videos of the Forgotten World dungeons coming soon!

Forgotten World artworks: Unknown Remains?

Joymax' official graphic artist has made artworks for the Forgotten World update... but he shows 4 regions while the game has only 3!

The image below is called "Unknown remains". Maybe something that comes in the future?


New Dungeon coming soon: Jupiter Temple

Hey guys, I came back from my holidays today so I'll post some news again ^_^
The promised videos and screenshots from the Forgotten World update will come soon, we are working on it. But I looked through the PK2 files and found something interesting: Not only the Forgotten World dungeons are included, but also some model files from the upcoming Jupiter Temple Dungeon! I've extracted them and made a first 3D-Render of an altar building used in this new dungeon (woot, it has a watermark on it so the turkish forums can't steal it):

At the moment no more information are known, only some buildings already exist. We will work on more renders of this new dungeon soon. ^_^

Heya! Here are 2 more renders:


Legendary weapons

This is not related with any update. On the new client appeared a new kind of weapon. There almost none reference about them, but on the pk2 are known as "Legendary Weapons". The names were on the pk2 since almost 5 months but with the new client appeared the render files of them. There is only 2 weapons, and we don't know if more are going to be added, or how to obtain them.
There is not any info about them on the itemdata files, I had to recreate them for be able to use/see them.
Well this entry is for let you know that this weapons exists, and might can come soon or later to the game. The degrees are from 8 to 11. This are the first weapons which have .efp files (effect files) attached to the renders, which indeed looks awesome.
But I think a video is better than 1000 words.

Enable annotations on the video, I had a problem with Sony Vegas and wasn't able to put the text directly on the video.


Full information about the new monsters of the Forgotten World and videos of the new zones will be added in few days. Stay tuned.


Legend X Update

The client is already available for download. We just got it, we are going to release more info and pictures on this entry as soon as we obtain it.



New maps

Shipwreck - Inside the boats:

Shipwreck - Outside:

Earth Ghost Town:

Soon the Flame Mountain map.


New Set Weapons

Blade A&B:

Sword A&B:

Glavie A&B:

Spear A&B:

Bow A&B:

Shield A&B:


One hand Sword A&B:

Two hand Sword A&B:

Axes A&B:

Crossbow A&B:

Daggers A&B:

Staff A&B:

Warlock Rod A&B:

Bard A&B:

Cleric Rod A&B:

Shield A&B:

Common questions about the new Set items

Q: Are those items Degree 12 items?
A: No, it's a new kind of items, the degree is 11 and the required level is 101.

Q: Are stronger than the normal weapons Degree 11?
A: Yes

Q: From where I get the Set weapons?
A: You can get the set weapons as quest reward from the Forgotten World new quests.

Q: Can I sell/store/exchange/stall the new weapons?
A: Yes, same as the normal weapons or the set items, you can do everything you like with them.

Q: There are Seal of Nova set weapons?
A: Yes.


Remember that the maps are instances and doesn't appear on the worldmap, just like the Temple maps.
More to come later.
Next update: In-game pictures and video of the new zones.