cSRO Battle Arena

Hi! Yesterday the battle arena was released on cSRO! I've uploaded some screenshots for you!

Nice amount of quest mobs killed, huh? The battle was a lot of fun :D

P.S.: The quest text is actually wrong, I took the kSRO textfiles where the quests got less mobs.
The exchange manager won't be in the game in cSRO, they will make a website for that.


God's Heritage / Forgotten World: all mobs

Earth Ghost Town
Earth Ghost
Fierce Earth Ghost
Powder Earth Ghost
Earth Ghost Shaman
Muscular Earth Ghost
Earth Ghost Soldier
Earth Ghost Doll
Earth Ghost General
Earth Ghost Captain
Earth Ghost Elder

Flame Mountain
Flame Salamander
Flame Giant
Flame Ghost
Flame Archer
Flame Mountain Devil
Giantic Flare
Flame Pokwooin (something like "heavy rain of flames")
Flame Witch
Flame Captain
Flame Adjutant
Bull King

Envy Ghost
Ghost Marauder
The King
Pirate Phantom
Phantom Commander
Deep Sea Monster
Spirit Of The Shipwrecked
Sea Predator
Sea beast
Cursed Ghost
Serenity Phantom

Treasure Box
Dimensional Column


Upcoming updates - an overview

I made a small list for you to see in which SRO versions the new updates are already included.

Battle Arena
For information look here or here or also here, we posted a lot about this :)

Roc available for lvl 102+
Joymax made the teleporter to Roc unavailable for players lvl 102 or higher, probably not intended. On jSRO this has been fixed already.

Socket Stone system
Look here for information!

Interface updates (guild/friends window)
This is only available in kSRO yet. The full interface update list can be found here.

Qin Shi Tomb: Higher quest rewards
In jSRO the Qin Shi Tomb quests give around 7x more exp and SP than in the other versions.

New Hotan quests for lvl 40-80
New quests for lvl 40-80 players are planned for the Oasis Kingdom area.

God's Heritage / Forgotten World
The next "Legend" update. We posted about this here, here and also here :P

Next Language Pack (German)
The German language Pack for iSRO. Some translations are in this post.

Devil Spirit Pimping
We informed you about this in this post.

New Fortress War system
The Fortress war will get some changes, the winning guilds have more advantages after the Fortress War ends. I will post about this in some days.


Air Garden (M) pics

Just found the Medium size of this map, there is not a large size for this map for the moment ^^'

More Forgotten World quests info are going to come soon. Stay tunned =3



First quests from next Legend update / God's Heritage

~Rough translations from Korean~

Confirmed Mobs
Note: Togwi stands for Earth Ghost
Togwi Doll
Togwi General
Togwi Captain
Togwi Elder
Flame Pokwooin (something like "Flame-rain Person")
Flame Witch
Flame Captain
Flame Adjutant
Bull King (very probably Unique)


Red blood collection

◈ Mission
Collect red blood
◈ Reward
8 degree primary weapon
◈ Format
1 time only
Merchant Associate Asaman
◈ Monster
Earth Ghost Elders, Treasure Box Monster
◈ Scenario
In the forgotten world, talismans and treasures are to be found these days. Everyone could find a treasure... why not you? If you can collect red blood I will send you a nice gift!

Bizarre incident investigation
◈ Mission
Converse with Hunter Associate Ahmok
◈ Reward
EXP 1100 / Skill EXP 500
◈ Format
1 time only
General Sonhyeon / Hunter Associate Ahmok
◈ Monster
◈ Scenario
The gate to the forgotten world has been opened which leads to a dangerously growing number of evil. Strange things are going on in Hotan Kingdom. You should visit Hunter Associate Ahmok.

Get a clue
◈ Mission
Get a clue about what happened
◈ Reward
EXP 1100 / Skill EXP 500
◈ Format
1 time only
Hunter Associate Ahmok / Merchant Associate
◈ Monster
◈ Scenario
Actually, there were mysterious disappearances in Hotan. And there has never been a trace. Fortunately, this time these pieces of debris were found. I don't know what this is. Could you investigate it?

Hunt the killer
◈ Mission
Collect 60 debris pieces
◈ Reward
EXP 27600 / Skill EXP 30000
◈ Format
1 time only
Merchant Associate Asaman
◈ Monster
Togwi (level 35~50 "Red Blood" instance)
◈ Scenario
Without a doubt, this is a mask of an Earth Ghost. Go to the forgotten world and try hunting them.

~more to come~


Intro Scripting Tutorial

Wanna make your own SRO intro script? This is a quite easy how-to!

Here you can see how to include the GM console in your interface!


New Community improvements

Joymax started to do something well. Today on KSRO website announced some awesome GUI functions and chat functions. I saw some of them on other games and are awesome, can't wait for get them to iSRO!!! This update is centered on the Community system.

I will try to translate it as good as I can.

  • Guild Window Improvement


    A) Shows the location of the Guild Member (for example, Ong Habitat). Doesn't shows info if is offline.

    B) Show the last time that the guild member was online. Doesn't shows info if is online.

    C) Shows arrows on the members who changed his level in the lasts 7 days.

  • Members sort


    Now you can sort the guild members per level, location, last time online, name or GP donation.

  • Chat commands


    Not sure what it does, I think is distance guild invite.

  • Friends Groups


    MSN-like. You can sort your friends in groups.

    A) All the new and old friends will be on the default group.

    B) The new buttons "Add Group" and "Delete Group" makes you able to create as many groups as you want.

    C) You can move your friends to the desired group by drag&drop.

    * You can't use duplicate group names.

  • Friend auto-sort and capacity increased


    Now by default the friend window will sort your friends by online-offline. Also the friend list capacity has been increased from 20 to 50.

  • New blocks and block commands


    - Able to block people from your guild (guild chat block), whisper and general chat.

    - Now all the blocks are stored on the PC, so if you play SRO in another computer the blocks wont be saved.

  • Party leader transmission


    - The new button "Leader transmission" has been added to the party window. Now the party leader can transfer the leadership to any member of the party, if the member accept it.

    - You can't transfer the leadership if the party is in a instance dungeon (like the Pharaon's Tomb)

  • Party Matching improvement


    - You can check the number of members, the level, the race and the masteries of the members before join the party.

  • Fast actions improvement


    You can whisper, party invite, exchange and more directly from the friend window.

  • Chat item links


    Best improvement ever. You can now link a description of an item directly to the chat window. Just press Ctrl+Right click on the item of your inventory and the link will appear on the chat inbox.

    - The chat link system can only be used on Whispers and Globals.

    - You can link up to 3 items on the same msg.

Soon on all the SRO versions, at this moment is just on KSRO.



God's Heritage, German Silkroad and the summer event


Today Joymax added some new texts about the upcoming kSRO update. The region names are titled "Forgotten world" (rough translation) and include:

Chamseongul (String name says Dungeon Fortress, rough translation says "oyster of truth")
Many people seeking enlightenment of Buddha and self discipline

God's Heritage - Earth Ghost town
An evil world full of magic

God's Heritage - Flaming mountains
A flame world that almost looks like hell

God's Heritage - Shipwreck
Filled with various monsters and ghosts of the pirates.

The Shipwreck area looks the biggest because it is divided into interior, wreck rooms and outside.

Other changed areas are the new added "Temple of Jupiter (Worship Center)" which is also already mentioned as a dungeon on the SRO website and the new GNGWC arena.


For the upcoming summer event where you have to hunt ghosts (reminds of the Ghost SungSung of course but will be different) some new maps called "Cemeteries" have been added.

Summer event - Ghost hunting
Hunt more ghosts to get a big score and make your team win.

This means the summer event will be a Battle-Arena-like event, where the team with the most mob kills wins.


The next translation for Silkroad will be German, Joymax already added a lot of translated text today.
Ein Schneemann, der für die Winterhexe, Princess Miyene, arbeiten musste. Als Princess Miyene starb, fiel der böse Zauber vom Schneemann ab. Seitdem hilft der Schneemann anderen Leuten.
Die Zeit läuft, wenn die Scroll benutzt wird, und der Spieler muss dafür Level 5 oder höher sein.
Kann nicht gleichzeitig mit anderen Seiden-Haustieren gerufen werden.
(Snow Slave pet description)

Ermöglicht dir, weniger MP zu verbrauchen, wenn du durch das Studium der Zauberfähigkeiten gelernt hast, wie du erfolgreich mit Mana umgehst.
(Wizard skill "Intelligence" description)

And for those who speak German some funny translations:

(Mesh root skill)

(Life turnover skill)

Hoch Reflektiert
(Advanced reflect skill)

Schlag zu und Hau drauf
(Strike n' Smash skill)

Good translation for sure!

WORLD CUP EVENT (added by Synx)

Part 1. Pay items and experience increased attendance and purchase orders, receiving silk coupons!
Part 2. May 1, 5, 8,11, 15, 21 to 30% increase in experience!
(can't get a better translation, the text is pretty confusing)


-- Random buffs --

-- Hats --
World Rally Cap (Spain)
World Rally Cap (Brazil)
World Rally Cap (Netherlands)
World Rally Cap (Italy)
World Rally Cap (Germany)
World Rally Cap (Portugal)
World Rally Cap (France)
World Rally Cap (England)
World Rally Cap (Argentina)
World Rally Cap (Greece)
World Rally Cap (Serbia)
World Rally Cap (Chile)
World Rally Cap (Mexico)
World Rally Cap (Switzerland)
World Rally Cap (USA)
World Rally Cap (Uruguay)
World Rally Cap (Cameroon)
World Rally Cap (Nigeria)
World Rally Cap (Cotedivoire)
World Rally Cap (Australia)
World Rally Cap (Slovenia)
World Rally Cap (Serbia)
World Rally Cap (Ghana)
World Rally Cap (Paraguay)
World Rally Cap (Slovakia)
World Rally Cap (Algeria)
World Rally Cap (Denmark)
World Rally Cap (Honduras)
World Rally Cap (Japan)
World Rally Cap (Korea)
World Rally Cap (New Zealand)
World Rally Cap (South Africa)

I'm not sure if we will get this event on iSRO. Seems an event related with the Rally World Cup. Anyway this event consist on deliver tickets to Event So-ok and you will get a random hat. Also you can vote for who you think that will win the world cup (?)


The new god's heritage zones are located in the Forgotten World. All the maps are instance-based, like the Pharaon's Tomb.
The whole system consist on storylines, where you must complete tasks on the instances for gain quest items and get rewarded for them. You can also choose the rank that you want to join, like on the Tomb. The main difference is you can join it with a lv 35+ char.
The modes are:

Earth Ghost Town
(lvl 35~70)

Lvl 35-50 : Level 1
Lvl 35-50: Level 2
Lvl 51-60 : Level 1
Lvl 51-60: Level 2
Lvl 61-70 : Level 1
Lvl 61-70: Level 2

Flame Mountain
(lvl 71~90)

Lvl 71-80 : Level 1
Lvl 71-80: Level 2
Lvl 71-80 : Level 3
Lvl 71-80: Level 4
Lvl 81-90 : Level 1
Lvl 81-90: Level 2
Lvl 81-90 : Level 3
Lvl 81-90: Level 4

(lvl 91~110)

Lvl 91-100 : Level 1
Lvl 91-100: Level 2
Lvl 91-100 : Level 3
Lvl 91-100: Level 4
Lvl 100-110 : Level 1
Lvl 100-110: Level 2
Lvl 100-110 : Level 3
Lvl 100-110: Level 4

For enter there you must manufacture an item which takes 12 hours to do.