As expected: iSRO Legend VII Return Hunter vs Thief

Legend VII: Rise of the Thief-Hunter!

We are very proud to announce the teaser website for Legend VII: Rise of the Thief-Hunter!  This is our seventh major update for the game, available March 15th.  Visit the Silkroad Online site to see the teaser,


Here's some additional details:

"Another new feature is the trade and triangular conflict system, which has been revamped where players trade and complete smuggling quests. Launch into evolved conflicts between Thieves and Hunters, where users can obtain unique Job Items through Job activities and trading towards additional materials that can craft or reinforce Job items.  Hunters gain profit by protecting caravan Trader NPCs and sweeping smuggling operations, while Thieves gain profit by raiding caravans and smuggling. Players can also participate in consignment trading where items are consigned to an NPC, or work the economy in target trading, where players directly trade by transporting goods which can earn a high profit but is far riskier.  What trading quests are available will depend on the job players pursue."


Well, Joymax really seems to need more customers on iSRO now and updates fast to get some. We should get some information about their current financial situation soon.

edit: lol fixed typo.


Joymax prepares new features

iSRO news
Joymax translated all Legend XI: Hunter vs Thief texts and the Fortress War changes from Legend X to English now. This could mean that Hunter vs Thief is coming to iSRO soon. But some stuff seems to be specially changed for iSRO. In kSRO Legend XI for example you have to pay 10 million gold to change your job. For iSRO, the current translation is:
You require 100,000,000,000 Gold to abandon your Job. Upon abandoning the Job, all information related to your Job will be initialized.
Are you sure you want to continue?
So, either a Legend VI+ with just small updates (fortress war) or a Legend VII with all stuff of kSRO's Hunter vs Thief will be released in the next weeks/months.

kSRO news
Joymax released information that a server move for characters will be possible. Translated from korean:
Server move has been registered on the list. Character movement is applied after the weekly routine inspection.
There are no information yet if that will cost something, but why should Joymax do it for free? :P



Legend XI

I'm really sorry for the delay. I was very busy the lasts 2 weeks and don't had time for check kSRO so much.
At the end I decided to make a video about the new legend since is more interesting and visual than a plain text with some pics. Whatever, here you are, enjoy ;)


Joymax planning new game service

This has not much to do with Silkroad really, but may be still quite interesting. Joymax seems to need something new now after they announced to close their games Deco Online and Dark Eden. According to a korean news site they plan to release a FPS game called "Special Force" on their game platform in this year. Maybe this is also because SRO sales decreased a lot in the last year? ^_^