Job quests (Hunter)

First of all, stop complaining on the comments with "show us something new!" and so, remember that we do this for free, lol

Wutever, here you are some translated new job quests. Remember that the quests can only be done by Hunters or Thieves.
As I said on the last notice on September, there are 2 kind of quests. Quests have the same structure, only change the level and the required item/amount.

Hunter quests:

Type A:

Mission: Collect 500 Gold Box
Reward: Items based on a Job Exp 11040 (10% extra bonus for the entire collection) in safe mode, only 50% paid (can't find a better translation for this, >_<) ◈ Type: Infinite repeatable quest
NPC: Trader Syabonneu (new special NPC)
Monster: Monsters from level 100 to 109
Professional level, the endless effort to raise is required. When you are ready to do etymology of 500 gold boxes. Gold box below the 100 level to 109 level can be obtained when it is hunting monsters. If a lack of time available, even if all the gold box, do not worry. 500 dogs found, uncle Zavulon need to collect as much as everyone would settle drill. ">But everything must come together to get more professional experience do not forget that.

(Monsters are NPC Thieves. You only get half of the reward if you kill the thieves during safe mode trade. NPC's should drop the Gold Boxes (for this quest))

Type B:

Mission: Delivery Speciality lv 110
Reward: Job Exp 1011151900 (with safe mode, only 50%)
Type: 1 Week Quest (this means 1 time per week)
NPC: Anya Traders (new special NPC)
Monster: None
Specialty referral came in ships. Anya traders in Constantinople, when delivered to the specialty that is. Specialties delivery quest quest to collect the goods trade than do jobs and notify you gave a lot of experience is a good idea.

(Basically you have to help a trader to deliver the quest item to another place for complete que quest).

Thief quests coming on the next days =3


  1. 1 billion job exp does not seem right lol

  2. @Anonymous
    I just quoted the game quest. Also remember is a weekly quest, which is not easy to do and so.

  3. So imma have to help a npc trader? Cool.

  4. my job lvl is 95 and im done with all delivery quests ... is there is any quests to get job exp ?

  5. can i ask u something

  6. i try to find out where that quest ,, but when i went NPC ,, i found it normal quest
    not the one u talking about , so ,, can tell me plz the procedures to do the quest Hunter type B ?