kSRO: 12th degree, Jupiter Temple, event

Joymax has included some new information about the upcoming kSRO updates in today's update.

First of all, items of the 11th and 12th degree (it says so in the description) can be changed by an item to a different look.
Contains the wisdom of the sky dragon. Accessorie's/Shield's/Weapon's/Armor's inherent power will be woken up to change it into a new look, he said.
No further details on this are known yet.

Specific equipment for each job will exist (weapons, armors etc.) and they will be divided into categories, from weak types to strong types. Maybe you will need the item described above to strengthen these equipments.

Jupiter temple could be a bigger region than we expected. 83 mobs in total got the location "jupiter temple". Of course we can't know if Joymax will really include all of them (wtf, it's only level 108 - 110!), but if they do, it will be a good variety to chose from. If you are interested in the full list of mobs with korean names, click here.

A new event for kSRO is planned to begin at january 25th. In this event, players will be able to receive a buff that increases and absorbs up to 10% damage, maybe from an NPC in each city like iSRO had it already. Also the players can win very rare emblems from 2005 which were never available in iSRO. These "avatars" show the 4 uniques of the Qin Shi Tomb B5 rooms. To participate in the event, players will have to collect the 5 letters "H A P P Y" and exchange them at the So-Ok-Event NPC.


  1. Nice Infos, thank you for that :D

  2. That is very interesting. Gotta get back to ksro soon.

  3. interesting. 12 dg? waiting for more infos, wanna know if i can keep my set^^

  4. Wooo really nice!!!! keep it coming .

    everyday the first thing i do after work is to check whats new, and here is the first i come to see, thanks very much !!

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