Forgotten World soon in iSRO? / New Job system

In today's iSRO update you can see that Joymax translated a lot of Forgotten World texts to English.
Legacy of God - Togui Village
A world filled with evil magic and wicked energy
Legacy of God - Flame Mountain
A world in which intense flame puts out hellish heat
Legacy of God - Shipwreck
An abysmal world filled with various monsters and ghost pirates

Crystallization of a Togui's tears. The ominous redness reminds one of blood, and yet, it has the kind of beauty that cannot be described with words. Historical records show how treasured it was in that that these red tears, which can only be created by Toguis, were offered to the Emperor as a gift after the generals eradicated the Toguis. Its beauty created much jealousy among gem cutters who then attempted to cut something that would come close to it. Yet, of all the red gems, there was none that could match up to the beauty of the red tears.
In Donhwang of China, a story is told of a young man who was killed by the townsfolk after becoming a Togui by eating strange ingredients in order to create a gem to give to his lover.

Bah, posting all the stories here would result in endless walls of text so I'll stop here. You can read them anyways when iSRO gets the update - which might be quite soon since they prepared the texts now :P

What information do we get about the new job system?

- It seems like you are able to get recipes to produce weapons, equipment and accessories with jobbing (Translated weapon description: Materials for production of assistive devices is the lowest level attacks. For Hunter.)
- You will need special stones to produce these equipments (Translated stone description: Is used to manufacture minor professional equipment)
- Runes that give you some STR/INT/HP/MP bonus can be gained. Not sure how...
- New job ranks will exist (at least for hunter and thief)
- 5 Job Skill Masteries will be added

Skill masteries: (crappy translation, i dont care :P)
Musical instruments

Flute and trumpet blowing skills are polished. To spread festive ring of traders playing the music, led by donkeys and horses, the cows were gathered.

Space utilization

Space more efficiently to develop their skills in writing. Mastering this technology for traders to use their writing pockets and backpack, he said.

Guards made

Transportation and manufacturing technology to protect the protectors are polished. Production of high-level guards to the destination of transportation will increase chance of surviving.

Masters of Transportation

Laden with a quick shift more to develop their skills. Improved technology, the more you can load at a time siteul can leave more profit.

Cattle mustering

Effectively to develop their skills in driving cattle. Faster means of transportation because driving to shorten trading hours trading activity over time can be effective.

Well, this looks very interesting. I hope the new system brings more fun in the game since job activities are very rare at the moment - in almost every version of the game.


  1. Very nice i hope we get this update on christmas

  2. i dont think so, to me is in febrary, just update for new area and mob, but no mastery level, skill, weapons and set

  3. Hi all.... My name is Octa.... I have a BIG question, so pls, if you know, help me with an answer :):
    I am a hunter and I have a special identity card..... SO RLLY I DON'T WANNA CHANGE IT... after this update do u think they will delete the old cards? or we can still use them after this update? I need an answer as fast as possible...
    send me an email with an answer octa123@yahoo.com TY.