Devil's Spirit upgrade & Angel Spirit in iSRO

Blah, first of all: happy new year to everyone because this is the first post of this year :D I know I have been a bit lazy, but there was not enough interesting stuff to write about. Well, news for today are that Devil's Spirit pimping will now finally be added to iSRO. There is also an event for the Devil's Spirit reinforcement.

2012 New Year's Event!
Greetings. This is So-Ok.

We have prepared a variety of events from January 17 to January 31 to celebrate the update of Silkroad for 2012.

1. Reinforce Devil's Spirit by +3!! You get an Angel's Spirit as a gift!!
2. If you purchase an Angel's Spirit you get an Extension Gear item as a gift!!
3. If you upload a New Year's card, you get a Korean traditional dress "Hanbok" Avatar.

Please refer to the website for more information on events.

The reinforcement elixirs for the Devil's Spirit will most likely cost a good amount of silk though, and the item called Angel's Spirit has just the same effects as a Devil's Spirit, it only has a different look. There are no details on that "New Year's card" event yet.

Unfortunally no other information about the arabian region etc. have been added to the textfiles recently, so I guess it will still take a while until Joymax decides to release these updates.


  1. Devil's spirit can be reinforced with scrolls, from Grocery NPC, which costs 100k each, not with silk.

  2. That is very interesting, looks like Joymax is not THAT greedy this time :3

  3. why no pictures of angel spirit? :/

  4. Go to the npc where you can buy rings/necklaces. It's a purple scroll that costs 120k - and it randomly gives you a plus it's not +1 +2 +3 or anything cause mines is plus 10 ATM, and i spent around 20m on scrolls ( It's really worth it ) But, the first time i used a scroll i got +4 so it's just randomly. Try it if you have Devil spirit.

  5. Those Hanbok avys were available in KSRO once. The cost some 100k(IIRC) at the grocery store. They are pretty cool, but liked the special xmas avys, that came later, better. :D

  6. Interesting post, thanks for sharing. to get news for today