Recipes for the devil spirit

Yoh guys~
I got contacted by email from the user "vendrinszky", he sent me some pictures of the devil spirit pimping and showed how to obtain the Sabakun Jewel for plus-ing the devil spirit (we already reported about the benefits here). Thank you a lot for these interesting images ^_^

Sabakun's Jewel can be gained with a recipe. We already know that Legend XI will feature recipe alchemy. So maybe this will be available in kSRO with Legend XI too, as a feature which is not announced yet.

A stone that makes the char deal more damage on uniques only. I don't know yet how to get it, maybe also with a recipe.

Pimping the devil spirit...

Greetz to [GM]Chulsu ^_~


  1. What is this avatar, he's wearing?

  2. So, are those Sabakun's Jewels tradeable? Ppl in iSro will probably go crazy about this, could be very potential moneymaker.

    Also posted this in Silkroad Forums.

  3. We have already people on cSro with that ignore monster defense buff.

  4. @omier44: old GM suit
    @TheKnight: depends on the sro version of course, but I think yes
    @Anonymous: sure, I got my devil spirit +3 in cSRO. But you don't have recipes there.

  5. Cheat Key Success !!!? Sounds like a third party program to me xD ..

  6. @Anonymous
    Is the message that appears when you use a command successfuly on the GM Console.

  7. Babbe are you from Korea? Your smilies and ~ at the end of world are typical for korean! :)

  8. Fun to see on GM's 1st and 2nd pics message box is the string....
    Cheat Key Success !!!


  9. Hi! Can you tell me how do I get these recipes and the materials for the recipe? I searched everywhere but i can't find anything!