Hi. As you all probably noticed by now the blog is not getting updates since months. This is mainly because the SRO scene is kinda dead already, Joymax isn't doing any progress nor important updates that are worth mentioning.
I also didn't pay much attention to the blog as I'm kinda moving away from SRO.
So this is a goodbye post. Babbe left years ago and I'm doing the same.

It was great while it lasted, and for everyone who stills enjoy Silkroad, do it as much as you can, not many people is able to enjoy it after so many years (myself).

Thanks for your support during the last years, and have a great life!



  1. Good Lucky :D
    Ty for all men.

  2. thanks for all, following you almost since the beginning, here and there, hf for the future

  3. Thanks for all and i have two words for joymax 'FCK YOU'. GoodBye~

  4. ty for everything brother. ı checking ur blog every day since 5 years.You guys Show us silkroad news... bye..

  5. Goodbye o/
    The game has become uninteresting and there are ... well, no more interesting updates to be revealed. The official servers are quite dead, kSRO did not get much new stuff since 2 years and there's no information about the official Silkroad-2 yet. There's simply nothing new which is worth posting.

    Thanks for the nice time we had, it was cool while it lasted!

    See you~

  6. thanks for everything and good luck :)

  7. Good luck.The blog was good source of info about game.
    Most of old players are away from the game already.Almost all of my accounts was hacked in month March this year.I can find out how they do that.Probably they used some new exploit or idk.

  8. Good luck in the future, your site was helpful and informative to me hope you do well in your next project. =)

  9. Thanks for everything Synx! I loved this blog, I used to visit it every day between 2009 and 2012. Too bad that SRO is dead. GL IRL
    - ph33n1x

  10. Thanks bye bye

  11. Thnks for everything bro, i really enjoy all the post that you made in all this years. Game is dead, u are right, time for say goodbye. There is nothing new, just boring events. I don't know how people can still play this, but is they choise. Maybe im back in game if they put something NEW.

  12. We spent our childhood playing Silkroad Online, we did good friends, most of them are gone now...
    We should thanks Joymax, is true that Silkroad became a bored game with those "intelligent bots", new job system and so, but a guy on 20s dont have the same feelings as one of 12. Sad but true.

    Im done too, hope they finish silkroad 2 (the one from Joymax), but still the feelings wont be the same.

    Good luck to everyone!

  13. thank you for all your hard work

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  15. Hey Synx. I'd appreciate if you could share all the informations you gathered on the media.pk2 file during the years.
    In case you read this, text me via facebook "Dany Rouran" or google+.

    A warm goodbye and thank you for the effort you put into the project and this lovely blog.

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  17. Dude I miss you pls write something often

  18. You still alive , dude? Maybe just post an alive reminder , it was really nice reading your stuff.

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