Legend X - More info

As Joymax promised, they are announcing every week news about the incoming update of kSRO, the Legend X. Here you are an approximated translation of the news. First pics of Flame Mountain!!!!

[Forgotten World Update]

First view of Forgotten World new zones
Methods for admission on the Forgotten World
Collecting talismans in a book
Rewards of the Forgotten World

Forgotten World

1) The Forgotten World is a place where the humans fight against the evil gods in the exile war.
It is divided in three parts.
2) The Shipwreck / The Earth Ghost Town / The Flame Mountain
Each world have different characteristics.

Admission on the Forgotten World

1) At any moment around the world will appear dimensional portals for teleport to the Forgotten World.
2) For use the dimensional portal you must have the right key, which is kept by a monster.

3) Once you have the key, the portal is open and if you meet the criteria for admission you will be able to teleport to the Forgotten World.

The collection of the Talismans

1) On the Forgotten World you can find artifacts called Talismans.
2) When you collect all the Talismans you will get a huge power that make you able to dominate the world.

Rewards of the Forgotten World

1) The Forgotten World have awesome rewards waiting for you!
* The information may vary depending on circumstances due to the process of development.

Sorry for this bad translation, was almost impossible wonder what the Korean text means, so I did an approximated translation.
More updates the next week!

~some text edited by babbe


Upcoming "riddle" event pictures (iSRO Event)

Here is a list of all pictures for the "Riddle of Alexandria Event":

Edit: Joymax found out that the images were leaked and made new ones!

New avatar dresses

Left side: Red apron dress
Right side: Wolf fur dress

Expected to come in some months.


Old SRO screenshots... [January 2004]

Why not continue this? ^_^ Have fun with these old screenshots :P


kSRO: Legend X is coming

Joymax has released the first update information about the upcoming Legend X update. Every week they will publish some news, here are the first ones!

Free PVP system

In Legend X, you don't need to wear any more PvP suit to have a PvP, they will be deleted from the NPCs. Now, you can click an icon in the Action window to enable the PvP mode and select a team color, instead of equipping a cape item. There will now be a colored symbol appear over the character's head, to see in which team he is (like the old different cape colors).

If you want to stop the PvP mode, you can simply click the icon again to turn it off.

Balancing Chinese and European characters

The balance between Chinese and European characters will be improved.

  • 4/4 parties will get more bonus experience than before
  • Chinese character's moving speed buff will give a higher moving speed
  • Chinese character's weapons attack powers will be adjusted
  • Some european buffing skills will get a longer cooldown or reduced effects

Next week, I hope to see some first screenshots of the new regions in the Forgotten World :)

(information about the new other changes and new regions: Post 1, Post 2, Post 3, Post 4, Post 5 :P)


Character and Guild name changer

We already talked about it some months ago here. Now KSRO is getting that update, the items for change your character name and guild name.
Here is the notice translated:

[How to use]
Press F10 and buy the character/guild name switch scroll from the premium tab.
In any town, speak with the new NPC called [Premium Service Manager].
You will not be able to use this service if the scrolls are not in your inventory.

On the dialog window choose between the two options, change your character name or change your guild name.

Check if the name of your guild or character has changed. The changes are in real time so people around you and guild members will notice at the same moment as the name is changed.

Guild Name Switch Scroll
- Only Guildmasters are allowed to use it (but can't while they are wearing any job suit)
- You can't put a name that is already in use.
- Can't be used while the Guild own any Fortress
- Can't be used during a Guild War (or something like that)
- Special characters or offensive names can't be used.

Character Name Switch Scroll
- You can't use old character names
But you can use names that already were in use if the character has been deleted for more than 6 months ago (180 days)
- Can't change your name if you are wearing a job suit
- Can't change your name if you are in a party
- >Special characters or offensive names can't be used.

Well that's all. I tried to do an understandable translation.
The price of the scrolls hasn't been specified yet, but I expect something around 300 silk. Greedy Joymax.


Battle Arena comes to iSRO!

Tomorrow, Joymax will open a teaser site to announce the Battle Arena for iSRO. We already posted a lot about this, you can get information here and some images from the cSRO Battle Arena here :P
The only unknown thing is if Joymax also releases the third Battle Arena (Air garden) which is not released in other SRO versions yet. That Arena would get the "Occupying" game mode.


[cSRO] Becoming level 90 in 3 days

Even though these news are not the newest, not many people seem to have seen it~ so i will post it here :P

The chinese cSRO players did it - they became level 90 just 3 days after a new server opened. CIMO, the cSRO publisher had an interview with the first guy who level'd up that fast.
So, how can someone level up that fast?

The formula is quite simple: Time + Money + Leading the party = Fast leveling!

Time is what you need most. The chinese was grinding for 18 hours a day, so in total he played 56 hours until level 90. He and his friends had just 6 hours breaks between the grinding time, they always met again at the same time to continue.

Money was needed to get higher experience and kill the mobs faster. Of course, the item mall gives a lot of advantages. To level quickly the chinese bought premium, 150%-exp-increase-scrolls, grab pet and reverses. Also the devil spirit could be used by him to increase his damage.

Leading the party means something like controlling what everyone does. Where to go, what mobs to attack, if a healer or a warrior is needed more etc. Only in a perfect party you won't die a lot at higher level mobs.

What people where in the party? Most of the time, they level'd with 4 wizards, 2 clerics, 1 warrior and 1 warlock, so only european characters. In a full party they gained 20% bonus experience, from 60+ on they created academies to get even more from the member's buffs.
They could always level at mobs 11 levels higher than the char's level. From 70+ on the party killed the Qin Shi Tomb uniques which gave a big experience boost too.

You have to say that on iSRO the leveling speed will still be slower because of the limited possibilities (no 150%-exp-scrolls etc), but it could be possible to reach level 90 very fast. The chineses achieved it without botting a single second, just with teamplay. But I guess after 3 days playing so much you will need a break until leveling more ^_^


The new Fortress War system

The fortress war will get some updates soon. I will sum them up here!

- Guilds can write a small information text about their guild. Other players can read the information. At the world map you can read the information at the fortresses "Occupying guild".

- While the fortress war is in progress, special buffs can be given out from the commander to guild members. They can increase phys./mag. attack power, absorb damage, give higher speed or attack/parry ratio.

- There will be a log function where you can see how many GP got used for recruiting Fortress Guards/NPCs, for the new Dungeon etc.

- The guild who won the a fortress war can open a dungeon for their union. Doing so will cost gold and GP. The dungeon can be opened multiple times, only the union members can teleport there if they want to. Only a limited number of players can enter there.

Text from the NPC to open the dungeon:
In the small holes of Donwhang cave there is the non-public meditation cave. Many monks were seeking enlightenment where they had done their evil desires inside the cave. Now after the fortress victory this is a special moment and you are now able to go there. Of course, you need some GP and gold, but ...
Indian dungeon for the guild alliance has not been created yet.
What do you think? Do you want to go for it once?
It is not known yet what is inside this dungeon, just that it's connected with indian monks as you can see above :P