Jupiter Temple / Shard system / iSRO's Unique Event

Some region names of Jupiter Temple have been added into the textfiles of iSRO:
"Worship Center", "Cult's lair" and 3 rooms. These 3 rooms will contain a unique mob each. The last room has the name "Room of Jupiter", so maybe Jupiter will be a unique :P

An other line of the textfiles contains something "Server Selection Improvement" with the already english translated line "Located in". This could be a hint about the shard system to show what players/uniques etc. are located in which shard.

The unique event of iSRO seems to be a new thing, but in fact it is quite old. Joymax hasn't been really creative. The same event already existed in kSRO in the beginning of 2008:
Exactly the same uniques and exactly the same positions. Well, but since it is the first time that there's a unique event on iSRO it can be really seen as someting "new" - for the players. ^_^

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  1. Hmm, if i read right new uniqes at Jupiter map will be like "cerberus" and ohter or no? Because till beta test, my frind entered the room inside new map and there was uniq, but now no uniq at the same place!?