Dungeon tickets / New avatar dress

Again, a new silk item in kSRO: The dungeon tickets! Normally, you have a limited number of times you can enter a dungeon (like 2 times per day in Pharaoh Tomb [5 with Premium+ in iSRO] or 1 time per day for the Forgotten World). Now, with this silk item you can enter a dungeon directly as often as you want.

Pharaoh Tomb dungeon ticket

Forgotten World dungeon ticket

Well, this is not the only thing kSRO will get. There is also a "New Arabian Dress" avatar:

More money for Joymax FTW ~_~


  1. Lol, you can actually enter Forgotten World every 5 hours, at least on KSRO. Still quite an usefull item, too bad you can get it for silk only.

  2. well ye you can go fw evry 5h and its useless to go there all time cuz its boring same like dung^^
    in the dungeon you can allready go 6times with all 3lvls and thats actually enough

  3. um, is there any info how much silk in kSRO it will cost? the forgotten world item. And do you still need the stone to teleport or you can just do it when you want..?

  4. Further details on the items are unknown until they get released (tomorrow I guess).

  5. it cost 30silks for FW(11items) and 40silks for faraons tomb lv1, i bought that tickets for FW, and after use, it deletes cd, u can enter again but...
    if u used crystal, u cant use it again in 5h even u used ticket but CD is gone and some1 can summon u to FW
    u have to have a crystal to get in each time(unless u got summoned)
    ticket just removes CD(that 5h)