Items you have never seen - Restatus

Item name: Restatus
Item description: Restatus restore all your stat-points and allows you to distribute them again.
Included since: On kSRO you can have one through a lv 50+ special quest (if I remember well) or buying one on Item Mall, not available yet on iSRO.
Availability: This item could be bought with silk if it was included.


Legend IX pictures

Hi. My name is kaperucito and I just converted into a colaborator of this blog. I hope you enjoy my posts =3
Today I will show you some Legend IX in-game pics. There are too many new places so I just did the necessary pics =P

Salt Desert:

Music Valley and Chaotic Maze:


Tomb Entrance:

And as a special present, Seth, lv 110 Unique, who is not even on KSRO website:

Items you have never seen - Auto potion ticket

Item name: Auto potion ticket
Item description: This item allows user to use auto potion ability for 30 days.
Included since: Included in jSRO. jSRO does not have the free autopot-function.
Availability: This item can be bought with silk.

It seems like Joymax wanted the users to pay for the ingame-autopot. (well, on iSRO nobody would buy that since there are enough bots who have this function)

Items you have never seen - Warehouse tickets

Item name:
Long-range strorage ticket
Item description: A ticket that allows access to the storage area from a long distance. The storage area will open when the coupon is used.
Included since: Not included (yet)
Availability: This item could be bought with silk if it was included.


Items you have never seen - Poison Herbs

Item names: Hundred Poisonous Herb, Thousand Poisonous Herb, Ten Thousand Poisonous Herb
Item description: No official description, this item cures the poisoned status (like a universal pill)
Included since: Those items were included from the very beginning. In the Open Beta of kSRO, they got de-activated and later completely removed. The items had the IDs 46, 47 and 48 in the item data files. There also existed special potions to remove other abnormal statuses. 3 other, stronger herbs were planned too but there are no images of these.
Availability: Has never been available for players


Items you have never seen - Campfire

I decided to post every day (if I can) about an item in Silkroad Online that you might have not seen before! Let's start!

Item name: Campfire
Item description: No official description, this item creates a campfire on the ground with no special effect.
Included since: kSRO Beta
Availability: When kSRO was in the beta, all beta-testers got one Campfire. On other SRO versions, this item was never used.

Ingame Screenshots:


Egypt Monster Map (full version)

SRO Egypt Mob map translated by me.


Monster map: Delta Field

Mob levels:
Unegu 100
Sand Raider 100
Wenegu 101
Cruel Raider 101
Tathen 101
Tenen 102
Wind Spider 102
Dark Scout 102


Legend 9 information / Screenshots

-You can teleport to Storm desert from Jangan and Hotan for 30k / 40k gold!
-You can use the ship for travelling to the Delta field (All 3 european ferrys) for 5k gold!

Images: PK2-edit: 11 degree weapons!