13th Degree

kSRO updated this Wednesday their servers with the D13 update.
This is just like the D12 first update, the cap level is still 120 and also the skills. The only way for obtain the D13 items right now is upgrading your D12+6 items (I'm not sure about the plus since the image is in Korean).

For everyone who want to see the new items, here is a vid with them all:


Pet Update comes to iSRO

Today, Joymax released a manual patch file for iSRO which can be installed at next week's update. It contains the new pet system which is already implemented in kSRO.
Here is a list of the new pets:

Yellow Sparkle Ostrich

Blood Armor Dino

Lava Roar Hound

Rubino Phoenix

Ancient Tribal Bear

Half Moon Jaguar

I will also make a post about "Silkroad R" and more information about the arabian update soon! ^-^


Arabian regions / New battle arenas

With today's kSRO update, Joymax released information about the arabian regions:
- Desert field Lv. 121-123
- Dreamlike desert Lv. 123-125
- "Cagliari's lair" (some Boss area)
- Baghdad City

About the previously mentioned "Muhan" dungeon: This is a dungeon like the battle arena. It exists for levels 71-80, 81-90, 91-100 and 101-110 in solo and party versions. The description says:
Protect the Guardian Stone in the middle of the battlefield to receive your reward. You can use the Morph Stone to fight as a monster.

A new pvp battle arena will be added, it is called "Styria Clash".
Score points by securing treasure chests or by slaying opponents. The team that has scored the highest points within the time limit wins.
(Treasure Chest = 200 pts. each, PK = 20 pts. each)
An event monster will appear for the losing team from time to time. Slay this monster to obtain useful buffs for the entire team, and click the pot for a chance to obtain a rare artifact that provides Job EXP

By the way: Silkroad secrets has reached 1,000,000 page views in total since its creation in 2009! Thank you all very much! ^__^


Arabian region: Monster list

Joymax has released the new mob names of the arabian region update in a kSRO update.
I roughly translated them to English:

Agile Wolf
Adonis Wolf
Outrageous Wolf
Outrageous adonis Wolf
Greedy Patjaitun (looks like a Mangyang)
Greedy Yaktalkkun (looks like a Mangyang)
Patjaitun Maniac (looks like a Mangyang)
Yaktalkkun Maniac (looks like a Mangyang)
Wild Uneg
Wild Weneg
Kuld Mujigi
Mad Bastet
Mad Bastet Thief
Mad Bandit Archer
Desert Bandit Archer
Elite Bandit Archer
Mad Bandit
Desert Bandit
Elite Bandit
Evil Dark Khepri
Hungry Dark Khepri
Violent Dark Khepri
Violent Hyena
Wounded Hyena
Agile Hyena
Wounded Agile Hyena
Desert Snake
Woran (Snake Demon)
Sabra Cactus
Karmos Cactus
Bandit Boss
Mad General
Mad Guard Officer
Giant Demon

Also, the 13th, 14th and 15th item degrees have been announced for future updates.


New Pet system

So, Joymax announced today on the korean version a new system for the pets. Basically you can buy different stuff for your pets, tattoos, skills, armors, and that stuff, everything from item mall ofc. Also you will be able to ride some growth pets like they were ponys! Finally something interesting. Together with the info they released some pictures of them.

Digimon-like pet:

Bad-ass bear:

Gay chicken:

As I understood, those pets can both attack and be riden, but they cannot do both at the same time, which means you can't attack while you are riding it.

After this update should come the Arabian update, new race! yey!


Naked girl on Warlock Rod

Hey! So long since no entries, we are busy with other projects ^^
So, do you expect something interesting? Sorry but this entry won't be like that. Just wanted to show you something that no one noticed in years.

Is that a naked woman? lol (the head looks like an alien)


It has been a while...

...since I've posted here. Well, I played eSRO and some other stuff, and there weren't really many interesting news about SRO. Still, there were some and I will summarize them here.

The following information are taken from kSRO's newest files:

Survey system
Joymax included some texts about a survey system in which players are supposed to tell their opinions. It's unknown yet if the surveys are about game related stuff or if there are any rewards for them.

New Pet system
The new pet system includes equipment for attack pets as well as special skills for pets. From the Korean translations it seems that there will be a function to exchange SP between the pet and the player char somehow.

Muhan Dungeon
A dungeon named "Muhan" has been added. It exists in 2 versions, for 1 player and for 8 players. It will probably be released with the Arabian region update.

That's all for now, I hope there will be more exciting things soon >_<'



Legend XII

Here you are the new intro for the new client, Legend XII Jupiter Temple.

Also some pics I made on iSRO of the Mirror's Europe or whatever is called.


I'm still working on the client. More info coming soon!

Arabian region update / Pet equipment

In the new kSRO client for the Legend 12 (Jupiter Temple) we found information about more upcoming stuff besides the Jupiter Temple dungeons. It mentions the area of Arabia with the city Baghdad!! (Yes, the City that was already mentioned months ago in a Joymax team meeting)

Arabia will include field regions with a canyon, a "military field" and some plain fields.

The Baghdad city will be very huge. It includes gardens, magic carpet sellers, and even a dungeon which could be in the middle of the town (it's in the same folder as the city!).

I have uploaded the already existing textures for the arabian region here:
Gallery 1
Gallery 2

More details like if there will be a new race for the region (the islamic race that was announced years ago) are not known yet.

Other stuff: Pets will be able to wear equipment soon. There will be new pet summon scrolls for Dinosaur, Bird, Bear, Wolf, Ostrich, Cat and Dragon. All those animals can be equipped with claws, saddles, charms, scales and amulets. The equipment can even be strengthened, a STR increase alchemy stone exists.

That's all for now, more information later :P


Old Silkroad images

We are done with the screenshots, but still there are some old images to share ^^

Old exchange:

Oldest login screen:

Old weird maps, where is Earth Ghost Canyon? No chakjis! XD

That's all, sleepin', bb


kSRO: Legend XII Heroes Of Jupiter announced!

Joymax has now released a teaser website for the upcoming Jupiter Temple update which we already mentioned many times ^_^
Trailer video:

The level cap will be changed to 120, also 120 skills will be available.
Here are some preview pictures of the new fields and dungeons:

Some of the new mobs:

The update will be released june 22.
Official teaser website:


Old Silkroad Screenshots

As you may have noticed, there aren't many news at the moment (looks like Joymax already finished every update until the end of the year and just releases them whenever they want). I decided to post some old screenshots for you then ^_^ They are from beta tests, the dates are unknown.


D12: Weapon skills and other info

With the D12 update, comes a new skill included on every D12 weapon.
This skill depends of the plus of the item, and can be used anytime, not sure about the cooldown.

◆ +0 - Damage return (1Lv) 3% chance of physical / magic damage 10% return
◆ +5 - Damage returned (2Lv) 3% chance of physical / magic damage by 15% return
◆ +9 - Damage returned (3Lv) 3% chance of physical / magic damage 20% return
◆ +12 - Damage returned (4Lv) 3% chance of physical / magic damage 25% return

Together with that, the kSRO GM confirmed some new info, like if you fail plusing a D12 item, even if it try to be +0 -> +1, it can be destroyed, but for our pleasure there is an item on the Item Mall for protect our weapons from this (also lv 106+ mobs should drop it). With this item, when the enchant fail, instead of get destroyed, the item get a -1 plus. So if you fail a +3, it goes to +2, and if you fail a +0, it goes -1 XD
Also, both the Tessera (for upgrade the items from D11 to D12) and the Enhancers (the new elixir for D12 items) can be obtained through hunting, but only mobs from lv 101+ drop them.
Dropped Tesseras have lower chance of upgrading your weapon to D12, but don't worry, even if it fails, only the Tessera will be destroyed, not the weapon. The Item Mall ones have a 100% chance.

- Enhancer + Plus protector

- Destroying a +3 item without using a Plus protector

Soon some info about the Rocky system =3


Commands for the GM console!

Hi guys, since I promised I'd do a list with less known commands for the GM console, here it is! Not all of these commands might work in the SRO version you're playing because of the client differences.

/isattack X
Well, I don't know what this command is for. But it writes a yellow "No - Object..." in the chat window :P

Quite awesome command to set the graphics a little higher. I took screenshots to compare the graphics with and without using the /lod command. (it not only fixes some graphic bugs but also the background gets a little more detailed)

/time X
Set for X a number between 0 and 24. It just changes the daytime.

/add_temppos X
Spawns a Mangyang with name X at your position. Seems to have no other function at the moment xD

An interesting command for all the coders out there. Whenever a packet is sent by the client, the opcode will be displayed in the status window at the bottom right.

Makes a list of all dropped items around you.

Disables the JPG compression for screenshots.


Upgrade system list

For everyone who wonders if they can upgrade their D11 items, and what they will get at the upgrade, here you are the full list of the items and the upgrade result.


Press Ctrl+F for find your item name.
If you don't get used to the in-game names of the items, you can use also this list, showing the items with the client code, which is more understandable:


Basic tags:
_RARE: Sealed
A_RARE, B_RARE, C_RARE: Nova, Som, Sun.
_W: Female
_M: Male
_HEAVY: Armor, Heavy Armor
_LIGHT: Light Armor, Protector.
_CLOTHES: Robe, Garment.

Thanks to Kyle(rev6) for parsing the file with the upgrade data.


Set upgrade!

First of all, if you have a SON set, and you are already selling it because of the update. STOP RIGHT NOW!
The new degree doesn't comes with cap upgrade (yet!), so your normal nova items still worth something!
You can upgrade your seal of nova items to D12 sealed items, the minimum requeriments for the upgrade are:

- The item must be at least +7 or more.
- The item cannot be from Magic POP.

Depending on the item you are going to upgrade, you can get one of the 3 tiers of D12 nova items:

Normal D11 +7 ---> Seal of Nova D12
Seal of Nova D11 +7 ---> Seal of Moon D12
Seal of Nova Power D11 +7 ---> Seal of Nova D12
Seal of Nova Fight D11 +7 ---> Seal of Sun D12

When you upgrade your weapon to D12, it will lose ALL THE BLUES, WHITES AND PLUS IT HAD!
So basically, when upgrade you will get a clean sealed D12 item.

Comparision between the 3 kind of seals on D12:

For upgrade a D12 weapon you can't use normal elixirs (not sure about adv elixirs). Instead you use a new kind of elixirs, that I don't know yet from where they come from XD

More info coming soon!

Other stuff from kSRO's update

The following dresses have been announced for kSRO:
Little Red Riding Hood dress
Assassin Dress
Dark Warrior Dress
Mummy Dress
Fox Dress
Vampire Dress
Halloween 2011 Dress

The following pets have been announced:
Circus Bear (what the...)

Information about Jupiter Temple:
Jupiter temple will have 2 overworld and 4 dungeon regions.

12th Degree!

Suddenly and without previous announcements, Joymax released the D12 items on kSRO. The update its TODAY, and it comes with all the D12 items for both races.


Heavy Armor/Armor:


Light Armor/Protector:



















One Hand Sword:


Two Hand Sword:










Warlock Rod:


Cleric Rod:







More to come soon!