[kSRO] New item: Elixir scrolls

Joymax will introduce a new item in kSRO. It is the Elixir scroll.
The elixir scroll exists in 2 variations:
^ Elixir scroll (+2)

^ Elixir scroll (+3)

With these scrolls you can make an item +2 or +3 higher for 30 minutes. You don't use the alchemy window, you right-click the scroll and then the item you want to use it on. When you use it, your character will glow:

After this, the item's plus has increased.

In my opinion it is just an other method to get money from the players. Sure people would buy it for PvP etc. to get advantages >_<


New Joymax CEO is from WeMade!

Now finally it is confirmed: Joymax works together with WeMade.
Joymax wrote on their website:
"2010 08 Kwan-Ho Park, Sookiel Kevin Seo appointed as CEO, and restructured into a dual chief executive system"

And guess who this person is: He is the Managing director of WeMade.

Well, we will see what will come in the future when Joymax and WeMade work together now ^_^

New Grab pet: Ghost (Ingame screenshots)

Well, we announced it before, and here it is: The new Ghost grab pet.

This pet will be available as reward of the Ghost Hunting event. If it is a full time grab pet (28 days) is unknown at this time.


More from the jSRO Testserver

Since there was not so much to do (where the hell are the rabbits?), I decided to explore some other things.

Yea, in jSRO (also kSRO) you can enter these rooms in the Qin Shi Tomb. They were disabled in more popular SRO versions because they caused lags.

With keys dropping from the Qin Shi Tomb mobs you could open the boxes and they could spawn mobs or give items as a gift.

Later I went into temple where I met some nice Mangyangs :D

Oh, and GZ to this guy who managed to make his weapon +8. Quite difficult since weapon elixirs are rare ^_^

First impressions of the jSRO Testserver

I was lucky and got in the jSRO testserver for the Forgotten World update. I want to share some screenshots, but there are none of the Forgotten World dungeons yet (no rabbits spawned while i was online lol)...

After you create a char...

...you get all this stuff xD

Since I didn't have that many things to do (most are already known from kSRO anyways) I tried the socket system. To make a socket on an item you need the Magic Stone of Sockets (marked red). After you do that you can put Socket Stones (marked yellow) in the socket.
Both items can be bought on Alexandria Grocery shops. You can only use them on 11D items.

In the end, this results in having buffs on your weapon / chest.

These buffs can be put in the skillbar and used like normal skills.

Oh, and this was just some damage test :P

Well, I will see if I can get some teleporter stones for the Forgotten World (Shipwreck). The testserver will still be on for ~30 hours ^_^

Air Garden (Large)

Mixing some iSRO and kSRO files I was able to see the L size for the Battle Arena map, the air garden.

And as special present, some other random pics =P

Flame Mountain:

Lazy for add watermarks on the pics n_n


Hotan Plus Quest List (part 2)

The next 10 quests of the list for mobs lvl 43-55 can be found here. For more information about these quests refer to the first list.

By the way: Joymax seems to be working on new quests that give Job EXP as a reward. Maybe they want to make jobbing more attractive! ^_~


Hotan Plus Quest List (part 1)

I decided to post the Hotan Plus Quests here, in 4 parts. These are 40 new quests for lvl 40-80 characters in kSRO since a while to make them level up faster.

You can see the first 10 quests of the list here!

Old SRO screenshots [April 2004]


No news but...

I just got one year older... and the blog is also active since around 1 year now. It existed before, but had almost no news hehe^^
With this post I want to thank the more than 140,000 visitors we had in the last 12 months. It's the readers who keep the blog alive ^_~

Thank you all!


Legend X in jSRO / Artworks

Legend X Forgotten World will come quite early in jSRO, on august 24th. This is just 4 weeks after it got released in kSRO. As a teaser, GameOn (the jSRO publisher) has released some artworks that the kSRO website did not show us!

btw: I added some new functions on the blog. Do you like them or not? Write it in a comment if you want!

btw 2: Yea, no watermarks again. I was too lazy and it's also better image quality for you ^_~

Silkroad Action Figures

While Joymax put some crappy anti-bot-mobs on iSRO which won't change anything at all, china has also something to report! Some chinese websites sold them before, now CIMO (the cSRO publisher) has posted new pics about the SRO action figures!

^ Woot a thief army!

^ An unfinished version of a character

^ This is the guy who made them.

Well, I don't know where you can buy these figures now, if you know it write a comment^^


Joymax really uninspired again: Red Holy Knight Dress

Woot, a new dress! Oh wait, didn't we have this in blue and green already?
This recolored red Holy Knight dress is available in jSRO now.


"Silkroad 2" confirmed / Future of Silkroad Online

Joymax' level designer (the guy who was responsible for the awesome Forgotten World dungeon's design) has released a statement about the future of silkroad (translated to english):
"At the moment I am not satisfied with the game content. Leveling is boring and we have to put more other things into the game.
We failed to meet expectations from the users and I am sorry about that. We have to care more about the users' opinions.
A team is already starting the work on a project called "Silkroad 2"."

So, "Silkroad 2" will come... in some years maybe :P


The quest update: A gift for handgrinders

Some weeks ago, jSRO and kSRO got a quest update where almost all old SRO quests got better rewards. We compared some of the quests before and after the update.

Quest 1: Hunting Crab

Before update
◈ Mission
Hunt 50 Crabs / Hunt 10 Crab Champions
◈ Reward
Experience 25,200 / GOLD 7,000
◈ Form
Available 3 times

After the update
◈ Mission
Hunt 30 Crabs / Hunt 10 Crab Champions
◈ Reward
Experience 176120 / GOLD 7000
◈ Form
Available 3 times
Overall changes: Required mobs reduced by 1/3, Experience reward raised to 6.9x EXP.

Quest 2: Hiring hunter guild

Before update
◈ Mission
Hunt 1500 Power Earth ghosts
◈ Reward
Experience 2500000 / GOLD 250000
◈ Form
Available 5 times

After the update
◈ Mission
Hunt 500 Power Earth Ghosts
◈ Reward
Experience 5420100 / GOLD 250000
◈ Form
Available 3 times

Overall changes: Required mobs reduced by 2/3, Experience reward raised to 2.17x EXP. Quest is now available 3 times instead of 5.

Quest 3: Armor Sample 3

Before update
◈ Mission
Collect 125 Tomb Guard Armor
◈ Reward
Experience 1,850,000 / GOLD 150,000
◈ Form
Available 3 times

After the update
◈ Mission
Collect 100 Tomb Guard Armor
◈ Reward
Experience 3995000 / GOLD 150000
◈ Form
Available 3 times

Overall changes: Required mobs reduced by 20%, Experience reward raised to 2.16x EXP.

Especially at the lower level quest you will notice a difference. The high level quests give more EXP at less mobs, but not more gold or skill experience points. Egypt quests did not change at all.


Forgotten World: Earth Ghost Town Gameplay (Part 2)

Since I could not finish the dungeon last time, I decided to invite some people for party-playing the dungeon, this time with a wizard! [partially translated korean interface text to english]

This big statue is a NPC with that you can teleport party members to the Forgotten World. The party members must stand in a city, close to one of the teleporter gates with that you can teleport from one city to another.

This is the room where I died before. But with teamplay, we could kill all the appearing mobs!

A level 39 unique spawned as soon as all mobs were dead. This unique was quite easy to kill, it did not spawn any mobs.

When he died, the gate at the huge earth ghost head opened!

In the next bigger room, an other level 39 unique appeared! We had to kill him to open an other gate.

Then we had to kill all mobs behind the gate to get to the next rooms.

Togwi dolls look quite cute, but their attacks are awesome ^_^

We finally arrived in the last room where we had to kill all mobs...

...to spawn the last Boss: Togwi Elder!

This boss has some quite strong attacks, our warrior died 2 times!

At around 20% HP, he spawned 2 of the level 39 uniques we had already killed before, and also some other mobs.

But finally, we killed him (he gave quite good EXP). At this moment I have not received any Talismans yet. I think you have to do some quests to receive them^^
All in all, the earth ghost town dungeon took us 1 hour with 4 people, it was a lot of fun^^