Sytria Clash, new cap and other info

Sup? The new SRO-R manual patch included lots of files updates. It came with lots of interesting info!!

First, the Styria Clash maps. This map is used for a new mode job vs job pretty similar to the battle arena. I was expecting it to be a fully new map, but as always, Joymax disapointed me (and most of us) by just taking parts of the Wreck's Forgotten World and putting it together, building an small room for do the Styria Clash mode.

Some pics of the place I've took on my server:

Whatever, next, something more interesting, new info about the new cap.

The next cap will be cap 125. The new monsters lv 121~125 will be placed on Arabia, which consist of a new town, an outside area (I calculate its quite big, but not sure about the size yet) and a cave with few uniques.

The skill cap will be 125 too, but even considering a 5 cap increase is not a big deal, this is probably the first time on the SRO history that Joymax add so many new skills for European characters.

It has been already seen on some forums, all the icons from the new skills for  EU and China are already on the SRO-R client, but on last SRO-R update the client now also shows the Korean name of the skills. Is not worth to post them there, you just have to know that every EU build get around 10-15 new skills (without count the different levels of each new skill). Joymax is probably going to expand the skill window since the new skills doesnt fit the current one.

And finally, since years without anything new related to the Fortress War, Joymax surprised us with a whole new Fortress War map! The next Fortress War will be the Constantinople Fortress!!!

Yep, you heard it right, a dead city with a huge fortress, the Constantinople Fortress is as big as the Hotan Fortress.

There are no pics or more info about the new fortress, but it should come few months after the cap 125 update on kSRO.

That's all. Stay tunned!