New skills

New skills for the 125 cap.


Arabia Expansion 1

I have everything ready for make a fast video with a tour around the new zones.

There are more details in the video description.


More Arabian Region Screenshots

Arabian Region Login Screen Pictures

Hi there, long time no post from me ^__^
I've been updating the private cSRO test-server client to get some new information about the arabia update which will probably be released in the next few weeks. The test-server already contains huge parts of the update and I can already show you the new login screen which show the city of the arabian region!

That's all for now, more images and information about the update will follow soon!


Arabia Soundtrack

The Soundtrack from the new update of Arabia, enjoy!

More interesting stuff coming the next week, I want to keep an small gap between the updates ^^


More info about Arabia

Found more map files, added some info and explanations on them:

Click on the image for see everything.

Petra dungeon (I think the final name will be "Kalia's Hideout"):

And arabia's garden (no final name found):

That's all, I will keep you all informed if I find something else!


Arabia images

Hi again, so long without updates right? Well, today I come with something hot. For various reasons, I was trying to download and login on jSRO SRO-R version. Whatever, while exploring the jSRO SRO-R client found stuff that is not even on kSRO client, theorically the most updated client out.
For now, I've found 3 loading screens from Baghdad town. This images are NOT FAKE, are official images from the SRO-R client of Japan. Enjoy!


Aaaand.... Baghdag town map:

Seems like Baghdag is going to be a pretty big city!


New fellow pets

Joymax published today design concepts of the upcoming fellow pets:

The korean text on the 3rd pet says "Offensive (Physical)", which means is not a buff fellow, but an attack fellow.


Constantinople Fortress

As I said 2 months ago, on the last entry (yea, not many news lately lol), Joymax was preparing the new Constantinople Fortress. Well, it is already out for SRO-R. I've made a video showing it so you can see how big it is and how it is structured:

Also, I have to correct something I said on the last entry, Joymax added some more info since then, what I saw back then was a part of the upcoming update, the new cap is 130, not 125. Sorry for that ^^


Sytria Clash, new cap and other info

Sup? The new SRO-R manual patch included lots of files updates. It came with lots of interesting info!!

First, the Styria Clash maps. This map is used for a new mode job vs job pretty similar to the battle arena. I was expecting it to be a fully new map, but as always, Joymax disapointed me (and most of us) by just taking parts of the Wreck's Forgotten World and putting it together, building an small room for do the Styria Clash mode.

Some pics of the place I've took on my server:

Whatever, next, something more interesting, new info about the new cap.

The next cap will be cap 125. The new monsters lv 121~125 will be placed on Arabia, which consist of a new town, an outside area (I calculate its quite big, but not sure about the size yet) and a cave with few uniques.

The skill cap will be 125 too, but even considering a 5 cap increase is not a big deal, this is probably the first time on the SRO history that Joymax add so many new skills for European characters.

It has been already seen on some forums, all the icons from the new skills for  EU and China are already on the SRO-R client, but on last SRO-R update the client now also shows the Korean name of the skills. Is not worth to post them there, you just have to know that every EU build get around 10-15 new skills (without count the different levels of each new skill). Joymax is probably going to expand the skill window since the new skills doesnt fit the current one.

And finally, since years without anything new related to the Fortress War, Joymax surprised us with a whole new Fortress War map! The next Fortress War will be the Constantinople Fortress!!!

Yep, you heard it right, a dead city with a huge fortress, the Constantinople Fortress is as big as the Hotan Fortress.

There are no pics or more info about the new fortress, but it should come few months after the cap 125 update on kSRO.

That's all. Stay tunned!


First Arabian monster

kSRO updated today its client, adding the very first arabian monster. It is a lv 120 unique called "Kidemonas" (could be translated different on the English version). It spawns on Jupiter Temple as an event on kSRO, so I'm not sure if it will be the final spawn place, but this makes clear that Arabia City, zone and cap 130 is coming really soon to Silkroad.

Some pictures of the new monster:


SilkRoad W (Web)

Here are the first images of Silkroad Web. Seems there was a closed beta some weeks ago.

EDIT: In fact you can already play it on the Korean version, it got published by WeMade.



A few updates

Even though Joymax seems to be ruining iSRO at the moment, there are still some news about upcoming updates now.

Upcoming dresses:
Blue Soul Knight Dress (including accessory)
Viking Dress (including accessory)
Phoenix Dress (no accessory)

- Daily quest NPCs will be added for Jangan, Donwhang, Constantinople, Samarkand, Hotan, Alexandria, Jupiter Temple and Arabia
- Parties with the same settings can create a "Party union" with up to 3 parties. This is a system for large parties, EXP and items are exchanged between all party union members if selected.

I guess for now that's it...



A fast update. Arabia will be located here:

The city will have 4 gates. Not more info is known, but I expect the new zone covers all the missing way until the West closed path from Roc Mountain.


Devil's Spirit upgrade & Angel Spirit in iSRO

Blah, first of all: happy new year to everyone because this is the first post of this year :D I know I have been a bit lazy, but there was not enough interesting stuff to write about. Well, news for today are that Devil's Spirit pimping will now finally be added to iSRO. There is also an event for the Devil's Spirit reinforcement.

2012 New Year's Event!
Greetings. This is So-Ok.

We have prepared a variety of events from January 17 to January 31 to celebrate the update of Silkroad for 2012.

1. Reinforce Devil's Spirit by +3!! You get an Angel's Spirit as a gift!!
2. If you purchase an Angel's Spirit you get an Extension Gear item as a gift!!
3. If you upload a New Year's card, you get a Korean traditional dress "Hanbok" Avatar.

Please refer to the website for more information on events.

The reinforcement elixirs for the Devil's Spirit will most likely cost a good amount of silk though, and the item called Angel's Spirit has just the same effects as a Devil's Spirit, it only has a different look. There are no details on that "New Year's card" event yet.

Unfortunally no other information about the arabian region etc. have been added to the textfiles recently, so I guess it will still take a while until Joymax decides to release these updates.