New Horse Bug

Video by FireWavezZz. At this time I don't know exactly how this bug was done, but we will try to find it out :P

edit: "you need bronze honor buff or more, then teleport from a town to town or ferry and your horse will be next to you."
Quite simple haha^^


  1. When you teleport in Alexandria from North to Sourth (or vice versa) you will spawn with your horse summoned but you will not be mounted be standing next to it on the ground thus making it possible for you to summon another one.

    You can repeat this as many times as you wish to.
    If you spawn more than 255 horses (so at 256+x) you will DC everyone around (overflow on countbyte).

    regards bheaven

  2. Edit:
    I have to crrect myself. I just tested this myself with two different chars.

    100 Wizard w/o Honor Buffs: Will spawn mounted (-> no exploit possible).

    103 Warlock w/ Honor Buff Silver: Will spawn dismounted and can spawn unlimited horses.

    However even if you spawn 256+ horses you will (probably) not DC anyone since the countbyte now only counts horses which you actually sit on (there used to be such a crash exploit during the last horse bug).

    Since the guy that made the video copied some random image over his characterbar I cannot check if he also had honor buffs active but I believe that those buffs are the key to this bug.

  3. This work on iSro?

  4. This is old like shit dude. Check youtube its full of it

  5. I have spawned more than 280, 256 is not the dc limit.

  6. i spawned 260~and dc.
    thx for the clip babbe,
    you write my name wrong for real because i say babe to you ? :D

  7. DC is not caused by overflow, its regular dc chance you have when teleporting. You may find lots of horses when you logged in.

  8. Here is a tutorial from me Sch0k0Neger


    So it's work :)