cSRO testserver even more boring

We tested the jSRO Forgotten World testserver, but there was not much to see because there didn't spawn any rabbits. Now, cSRO has updated their internal test server to the Forgotten World update too. There aren't any accounts - except ours and the GM's of course, so you can't test it, sorry ^_^

The testserver we got here is even more boring than jSRO's. Why? Simply because I just started with a level 1 character. >_>

Well, nevermind, here are some screens showing what's going on on that server:

... oh wait, who the hell is that? o_O


  1. What lv can go to Forgotten World? On csro test server spawn rabits?

  2. 35+
    I don't know, I'm not 35 yet lol

  3. Oh wow so we get the pvp update too?