Job quests

Today on the iSRO update Joymax added the names of some new quests items. Those items seem to be job quest items. They are special goods that you obtain by quests and you have to deliver them to other cities. So that's basically: when you trade you also can do quests. The new goods are sorted by level so there probably are unlimited repeatable quests. An example of one of them:

1 SN_ITEM_QNO_TRADE_HUNTER_B_009_1 특산품 레벨50(중국)
There are also quest items for thieves. Let's see what is coming on the next kSRO update =3


New Horse Bug

Video by FireWavezZz. At this time I don't know exactly how this bug was done, but we will try to find it out :P

edit: "you need bronze honor buff or more, then teleport from a town to town or ferry and your horse will be next to you."
Quite simple haha^^

Jupiter Temple level 108-110 dungeon!

Again some news about jupiter temple: It will be a dungeon with monster level 108-110 according to the newest korean texts. It will have multiple areas listed below (rough translations).

Worship Center
The mysterious power of the sun
Monster level 108-110

Fanatic's hideout
The dark fanatics gather here
Monster level 108-110

The Worship Center will include an "Earth room", a "Jupiter room" and a "Juno room". What is in the fanatic's hideout is unknown at the moment. From the entrance of the jupiter temple you will be able to teleport to the Worship Center and the Fanatic's Hideout.

First Mobs of the Jupiter Temple dungeon! (again rough translation)

Worship Center
Room 1: Dias
Room 2: Juno
Room 3: Jupiter

Fanatic's hideout
Room 1: "Dark Dog" (actually no good translation possible)
Room 2: Babilion
Room 3: Baal


SRO's ingame bot - bye bye handgrinding!

The newest update in kSRO gives us again some hints about what Joymax (or WeMade? whatever) plans for the future updates of the game. We found some texts about a new "Macro" function. This new function will have the 3 categories "Auto Potion", "Auto skills" and "Auto hunting". Automatic hunting? Hell yea, an ingame bot! That's what the SRO players have been waiting for... (or not)

But let's go deeper in the details.
With the new Auto Potion, you can set HP and MP potting, but also pets can be healed and feeded automatically with it now. New HP/MP recovery tickets can be used too by this Auto-Pot.
The Auto Skill function basically uses your buffs (with automatic weapon switches) and you can set skills to attack mobs.
In Auto hunting you can set a range in that automatically mobs will be killed with the selected skills. You can also set when to return to town (like no more pots or have to repair, after 1 hour etc.), when to use zerk, what to do when you die, if you want to pick up items (no hints about an item filter yet) and if you want to use a repair hammer or repair your items in town. If it can automatically return to the leveling spot is unknown yet.

So, basically Silkroad is getting a bot system which works ingame. What are the consequences?
- Botting will (at least with this bot) become LEGAL, no more bot  bans
- People will handgrind even less than before
- Bot companies will have less sales (depends on the bot features)
- Joymax/Wemade/whatever could sell this function for silk and get some profit

We have to see in which versions it will be added. I think some foreign Silkroad publishers (cSRO/vSRO/kSRO/jSRO/rSRO/thSRO/tSRO) would not want this feature to be added and keep fighting against the bots.
We can't do anything against that new feature. If it comes, Silkroad could finally turn into a game where there are no handgrinding people anymore. But still, it is the player's decision if they use it~


edit: Some people don't seem to believe this and take this as an april fools joke :P (greetz to the SRF and CP-G community)
But it's the reality. If you want a proof, just take a look in the newest kSRO Media.pk2 file ^_~


Old SRO screenshots [June 2004]

Meh, no more important news at the moment :P


New silk items planned

With the kSRO update from today, Joymax gave us some facts about new silk items that may come in the future:

Connection ticket
Quite simple: When you use the ticket, you can login to the server all time even when it is crowded. The item has no other function but this, so it is only useful if you don't want to buy a full premium ticket. ~A reason to disable the anti-goldbot-statues on iSRO again :P

Bronze EXP/SP tickets
A bronze EXP ticket can either run for some hours only or some days (from 5 hours up to 14 days different tickets will be available). It will give an EXP bonus of 20% while killing mobs, no SP-EXP bonus. For getting 20% SP-EXP, a bronze SP ticket will be available too.

50%/100% EXP/SP tickets
These tickets will run 1 hour and, just like bronze tickets, increase EXP or SP depending on the ticket you buy. These tickets can increase EXP or SP gained either by 50% or 100%.

HP/MP recovery ticket
HP/MP Recovery tickets will decrease the potion delay of characters. In the description it says that chineses will have a 1 second potion delay while using the ticket, and european characters will have a 15 second delay (what actually doesn't change it lol). These tickets last either 1, 2 or 3 hours.

Silver Premium / Premium / Premium Plus
The "old" premium tickets will be added for shorter times, like 1 or 2 weeks.


Jupiter Temple / Shard system / iSRO's Unique Event

Some region names of Jupiter Temple have been added into the textfiles of iSRO:
"Worship Center", "Cult's lair" and 3 rooms. These 3 rooms will contain a unique mob each. The last room has the name "Room of Jupiter", so maybe Jupiter will be a unique :P

An other line of the textfiles contains something "Server Selection Improvement" with the already english translated line "Located in". This could be a hint about the shard system to show what players/uniques etc. are located in which shard.

The unique event of iSRO seems to be a new thing, but in fact it is quite old. Joymax hasn't been really creative. The same event already existed in kSRO in the beginning of 2008:
Exactly the same uniques and exactly the same positions. Well, but since it is the first time that there's a unique event on iSRO it can be really seen as someting "new" - for the players. ^_^


Dungeon tickets / New avatar dress

Again, a new silk item in kSRO: The dungeon tickets! Normally, you have a limited number of times you can enter a dungeon (like 2 times per day in Pharaoh Tomb [5 with Premium+ in iSRO] or 1 time per day for the Forgotten World). Now, with this silk item you can enter a dungeon directly as often as you want.

Pharaoh Tomb dungeon ticket

Forgotten World dungeon ticket

Well, this is not the only thing kSRO will get. There is also a "New Arabian Dress" avatar:

More money for Joymax FTW ~_~


Hotan Plus Quest List (part 4)

The final part of the quest list can be found here.

For the first 3 lists of the new quests, please refer to the other posts: part 1, part 2, part 3!

The quests currently exist in kSRO, jSRO and since today also in cSRO.


Old SRO screenshots [May 2004]

Closed beta test screens ^_^

Maybe this is the first goldbot army? :P


Hotan Plus Quest List (part 3)

Here's the 3rd part of the new "Hotan Plus" quests. They come a bit late but as you know we had other things to write about :P
The list can be found here!

For the first 2 lists of the new quests, please refer to the other posts: part 1, part 2!


jSRO FAQ: Channel / Shard system coming

jSRO's publisher GameOn has released a FAQ some days ago where they answered some questions from the users about balancing the game and future updates. GameOn has posted this question (rough translation):
Question 2
Will shards be integrated?

■ Answer
We have examined how to integrate a shard system.

However, when and how to integrate shard is unknown,
we have to make more adjustments.

When it is finalized, we will announce it at the official website.
So, a shard or channel system will come. Of course this has some advantages as shown in my "Explaining the shard system" comic ^_^ (don't think the interface etc is real, it's just photoshop :P)
But seriously: How should a system like this work on SRO? Think about uniques. Think about Fortress Wars and the Battle Arena. Will the shards/channels have mixed zones for these things? Well, we will see how it will be done in jSRO...