Legend XII

Here you are the new intro for the new client, Legend XII Jupiter Temple.

Also some pics I made on iSRO of the Mirror's Europe or whatever is called.


I'm still working on the client. More info coming soon!

Arabian region update / Pet equipment

In the new kSRO client for the Legend 12 (Jupiter Temple) we found information about more upcoming stuff besides the Jupiter Temple dungeons. It mentions the area of Arabia with the city Baghdad!! (Yes, the City that was already mentioned months ago in a Joymax team meeting)

Arabia will include field regions with a canyon, a "military field" and some plain fields.

The Baghdad city will be very huge. It includes gardens, magic carpet sellers, and even a dungeon which could be in the middle of the town (it's in the same folder as the city!).

I have uploaded the already existing textures for the arabian region here:
Gallery 1
Gallery 2

More details like if there will be a new race for the region (the islamic race that was announced years ago) are not known yet.

Other stuff: Pets will be able to wear equipment soon. There will be new pet summon scrolls for Dinosaur, Bird, Bear, Wolf, Ostrich, Cat and Dragon. All those animals can be equipped with claws, saddles, charms, scales and amulets. The equipment can even be strengthened, a STR increase alchemy stone exists.

That's all for now, more information later :P


Old Silkroad images

We are done with the screenshots, but still there are some old images to share ^^

Old exchange:

Oldest login screen:

Old weird maps, where is Earth Ghost Canyon? No chakjis! XD

That's all, sleepin', bb


kSRO: Legend XII Heroes Of Jupiter announced!

Joymax has now released a teaser website for the upcoming Jupiter Temple update which we already mentioned many times ^_^
Trailer video:

The level cap will be changed to 120, also 120 skills will be available.
Here are some preview pictures of the new fields and dungeons:

Some of the new mobs:

The update will be released june 22.
Official teaser website: