More concept artwork

While I was searching for more info regarding the closing of CSRO mentioned on the early post, I found some info related to a new version for the Chinese players for replace the old CSRO version, called "New Silkroad". I don't think its SRO-R since CSRO already applied that update months ago, so probably it is just another chinese publisher taking care of the chinese version. It's very confusing, even more when you are reading from a translator, I will bring some more info about it once I figure out exactly what is going on.
Anyway, while I was searching for that info I found some more cool artworks of Baghdad and the new job suits and D14 items. As you can also see on the pictures, they already show the new logo.

Abshad General, an unique from a Baghdad instance. It can be found on many pservers with Arabia implemented.
Male and female chinese last hunter suit.

The inside decoration of the Kalia's Hideout.

One of the fountains of Baghdad, which is not accessible on cap 125, its on the East of the town.

The entrance from the Phantom's Desert to the Kalia's Hideout.

One of the Baghdad's plazas.

Degree 13 male/female light armor concept artwork.

The speciality seller of Baghdad.

The armor seller of Baghdad, it wasn't added on the CSRO version, not sure if it will be on the final update.

 The weapon seller/repairer of Baghdad.
 And finally this 2 pictures
The first picture's background is Devil's Garden, and the 2nd one background is Kalia's Hideout. What I don´t know is who is the character on the second picture, doesn't looks like a monster, neither a dress we've seen before in the game. Looks sexy.

I will keep you all informed if I find something new.

CSRO termination

The day has come, another foreign official server of Silkroad Online closes it's gates. First was Thailand SRO, then Russian SRO, and now its Chinese Silkroad Online, also known as CSRO. Less than a year ago they upgraded their game to Silkroad-R version and few months ago they got the 125 cap update. CSRO is, together with VSRO (Vietnamese Silkroad Online), the most played foreign versions of Silkroad. It's a sad notice seeing it closing, being the first foreign pserver opening, back in 2005. According to the translation of the notice on their website, seems the publishing contract with Joymax finished and Joymax didn't want to renew it.

You can see the full notice here (in Chinese):


The last day of service is scheduled to be the 4th of September 2013, and the website, forums and service to the user the 10th of October.

It's always sad seeing how our favourite game dies slowly. :,(


14th Degree Items

Hi, D14 items have been around for a while already, and I haven't make a video of them yet, so here it is. Sorry for the low quality and the frame ratio, my computer is acting elder lately.