Joymax planning new features?

iSRO's update from today gives us some new text lines which could show what Joymax releases in the future.

Webshop / Web Gacha
The Korean texts mention a 웹실크몰 (Web mall), 웹팡카드 (Web Gacha, Gacha is a luck game like Magic POP) and something like an item storage. Since these texts will appear ingame a direct connection between the websites and the game client seems possible. But the features are actually not a great invention. cSRO has a web mall with cheap silk items since years, jSRO has a cool web game where you get random cards and must collect them to get a reward. Just on kSRO/iSRO this is something new.

Production system
This seems to be a new alchemy system where you can make items using recipes. Example text strings: "Learn production recipe", "Do you want to learn how to make that item? [number] gold needed.", "If you learned a recipe you can create an item" and "Material is not required in the recipe."
Items of the categories Fortress War, Alchemy, Pets and Trade can be created. More details are unknown at the moment.

Triangular conflict update
Players seem to be able to invest gold in traders, and once the traders do a successful traderun the player who invested will receive a commission (or something like that). For this, a special Trading Box item will be needed. (I think the investor must buy the box and give it to the trader, and once the trade is finished he gets gold, not sure about how exactly it works)
If players want to get a job, jobs that already are used by a high amount of players can not be chosen anymore. If for example 80% of the server's players are traders and hunters, new characters can only chose thief as a job. Quitting the current job will cost 10,000,000 gold.
For job level-ups, gold and/or items will be needed in the future.

Well, that's all we know so far, I'll post again if I find out more ^_^


  1. i like the thing with 50/50 of thieves and hunters. looks like equal jobwars then.

  2. i better like that investing thingy ..

  3. They should increase gold amount that you get from trade runs, because now it's just pennys and that investing thing should give it a little boost to gold i guess. But as always jm will fck things up.

    That production system looks quiet nice. Looking forward for it.

  4. yea they should make more gold rewards. on 60-90 cap it was nice but now its nothing >.> so noone want to trade

  5. Well, I guess there will be some more benefits for jobs, don't forget the job quests for example. Since we don't know exactly how the system works, we can not say what job will be the best for making money then :P

  6. [youtube]snBb5bWz5ts&feature=player_embedded[/youtube]