First impressions of the jSRO Testserver

I was lucky and got in the jSRO testserver for the Forgotten World update. I want to share some screenshots, but there are none of the Forgotten World dungeons yet (no rabbits spawned while i was online lol)...

After you create a char...

...you get all this stuff xD

Since I didn't have that many things to do (most are already known from kSRO anyways) I tried the socket system. To make a socket on an item you need the Magic Stone of Sockets (marked red). After you do that you can put Socket Stones (marked yellow) in the socket.
Both items can be bought on Alexandria Grocery shops. You can only use them on 11D items.

In the end, this results in having buffs on your weapon / chest.

These buffs can be put in the skillbar and used like normal skills.

Oh, and this was just some damage test :P

Well, I will see if I can get some teleporter stones for the Forgotten World (Shipwreck). The testserver will still be on for ~30 hours ^_^


  1. where i can download and play that testserver?

  2. 1. You need to have a Japanese IP to play
    2. You need a jSRO account that was created before August 24th to play
    3. All details are on the official jSRO website (www.silkonline.jp)

  3. where i can get copper and iron coins for by this socket stones?

  4. They will drop from the 100+ Uniques in Tomb / Temple.

  5. so they drop gold silver iron and copper coins?

  6. Hey dude,
    What is this black premium? it looks nice lol xD and thank you for this pictures, its grait

  7. This is the autopotion ticket. In jSRO you have to buy autopotion with silk.

  8. woot o.o xD nice...well the symbol looks nice but silk for autopot? woot

  9. the iron and copper coins dont seem to be dropping in any server of ISRO, perhaps joymax forgot to add them :D ?

  10. ^ This would be fun, a new reason to blame joymax!