More about Silkroad 2

An small interview has been revealed, and together with it, a few concept artworks of monsters found on the game, and new screenshots.

The interview is in chinese and the translation is awful, so nothing to post about, but I'd like to share with you the screens and artworks posted along with the interview:

The closed beta will begin in China on October. I'm not sure if I will be able to get into it for keep you all informed and show some gameplay. Stay tunned!


More "Silkroad 2" pictures

More screenshots has been published. The link of the official chinese website of the game is this.
On this pictures we can see some parts of the interface already, and the cap level seems to be 60.

I myself feel like the graphics could been better, but remember that Silkroad 1 looked like shit aswell on the development phase.


2nd Expansion of Arabia

A year ago I posted a video showing the maps of the first expansion of the Arabia update, corresponding to the lvl range 121~125. This is the 2nd part of the expansion, from lvl 126~130. It contains the most beautiful maps I've ever seen on Silkroad, specially the Devil's Garden.

Silkroad 2 pictures?

This pictures might correspond to the currently-being-developed game Silkroad 2.

Some chinese sites says they are valid. According to them, Silkroad 2 will be using the FutureVi engine, a self-created engine. We will be posting more news about this as soon as we get them.