[Guide] How to obtain the Nova A&B Egypt weapons.

As I promised when the update came out, I'm going to explain how to obtain the new Egypt weapons.


Differences between them

There is a total of 2 Egypt weapons. Know by their identificator on the game files (type A and B).
Stats between normal D11 weapon and Egypt weapons.

Type A:
22.3% stronger
Type B:
29.5% stronger

The main difference are the phy/mag/reinforces. All of them are higher than the normal D11 weapons. The only thing that doesn't change is the critical/blocking ratio.
We can know what kind of weapons are in-game by it's green indicator.

Type A Weapons: Power
Type A Shield: Protection
Type B Weapons: Fight
Type B Shield: Guard

There are 2 types of every A and B items, normal and Seal of Nova. I don't think an explanation of the differences between the normal and the nova ones is necessary ^^'
Having this in mind, we can proceed explaining how to get them.

How to obtain the Egypt Weapons

Type A

The A type is the easiest to get respect the others. There are 2 ways for obtain them:

1. By quest
2. By drop

1. By quest

The quest for obtain the A type weapons is called "The Sea of Resentment Collection". You can obtain it if you are over level 101. The NPC who gives this quest it's the Governor Senmut, in Alexandria.
Basically you only have to obtain all the talismans for complete the Collection Book of The Sea of Resentment. The talismans are dropped from the Treasure Boxes that spawns on the Forgotten World during the instances (randomly on specific spots, there is a max of 2 boxes per instance and sometimes they doesn't spawn), and from the last unique of the 101-110 instance, called Ghost Sereness.
This quest can be done only once, this means you only can obtain 1 Egypt weapon with this method.
The Talismans of the Sea of Resentment Collection Book are:

Broken key | Large tong | Phantom harp | Evil's heart

Vindictive spirit's bead | Hook Hand | Commander's patch | Sereness's tears

All of them should have the same drop ratio but some ppl says the most difficult to get is the Sereness's tears.
Once you have registed all the talismans on your Collection Book, go talk with Governor Senmute and he will let you choose the Egypt A Seal of Nova weapon that you preffer (you can't choose a shield as far as I know).

2. By drop

As simple as that. You can get it dropped when you kill Ghost Sereness on 101-110 instance. The drop rate of it is very low, and you can also get normal A weapon/shield instead of Seal of Nova.

Type B

This is the hardest type to get, the only way for get it is as drop, same as the type A. Only the Ghost Sereness from 101-110 instance drop it. The chance for get a Nova type B weapon from that unique is very low. As many stars have the instance, the chances of drop are higher.
So basically the only way for obtain it its pure luck, and do a lot of Forgotten World instances. If you get one you can get billions for it.


Basically that's all. You can easily get the A type trading the talismans you have repeated with people of your server.

Good luck ;)


  1. are you sure they can only be dropped by sereness and not from the uniques of the temple? Maybe even from tomb? Those uniques wear the weapons.

  2. @Anonymous
    Yeah and the Repair NPC from the Thief side of Alexandria handles the Egyptian glavie.
    They just re-used the models from the mobs/NPC's.
    Only Sereness drops the Egyptian weapons, not the uniques from the temple/tomb.

  3. thank you for this guide

  4. could you post the name of the other talisman from other degrees?

  5. yeah thanks, you are so wonderfull always

  6. "some ppl says the most difficult to get is the Sereness's tears."

    agreed on poseidon about 4 players got 7/8 talismans and everyone needs serennes tear...

  7. Well to answer some comments:

    No Sereness´s Tears is not the most rare talisman. I have already dropped 3 of them myself on Zeus.

    Well one question at all, will these weapons ever get a "Plus-Glow"? I have finished this Quest on Zeus and got a Power Nova Sword. I made it +9 but it still looks like +0. I wanted to write a bug report but as expected the bug report site of joymax is down.

    I look foreward to recieve your answer - THX ;)

  8. Do I need basic son weapon to get this one from quest ? Do I get it in a form of replacemnt for weapon that i allready have ? Or I shouldn't have any weapon and i get everyone son grade A what i want? Because i heard about that i need nova weapon to replace it for this new one from quest. Is it true?

  9. Well you have heard a lot of bullshit!

    At first: You dont need to have a weapon for this. Its a quest reward and the only thing that you need to get it are those 8 talisman.

    2nd point: After you have collected all 8 talisman you can go to senmute. A new window will appear where you can select your reward so you can choose your weapon yourself! All weapons you can choose are a grade nova and DONT cost any gold or items !

    Trust me i have finished the quest as i have postet before !

  10. Hey!

    I have now a nova type A xbow from the collection. Its better on +5 as a normal nova+7 xbow.

    I think, joymax have a bug: the weapon havent +5 effect :D

  11. http://img340.imageshack.us/f/sro2011010619243728.jpg/
    just to show that u CANT choose shield=)

  12. thank you for the guide
    I have one more question can i trade this son weapons ? or it is weapon that i can use only with this account that i make quest ?

  13. You can trade and sell it as you like !

  14. Sereness's Tears and the commander's bandage is very difficult to get.
    I got a Europe shield A(seal of nova) by sereness drop in 2star

    There is no normal Egypt weapons in Japan.
    Seal of nova only.

    90stuff seal of sun+10 100% 4811~5626 61% 541.2~661.5%
    101stuff seal of nova A+7 61% 4772~5639 80% 585.2~715.3%

  15. Very nice but im join 11 time STAR 1 and not get any drop ^^
    im bad luck all time :)

  16. hum... har to gat comander and sireen

  17. in your opinion how mush time should i spend to finish this quest ?

  18. You Can Buy A A/B Weapon From CIMO??Even the Books..Can we?

  19. Hi do we have more chance to drop in a 4 star or we have the same chance in 1 2 3 or 4 star?

  20. The more stars, the higher is the drop rate.

  21. i've the same problem on Server Phoenix -.-' i have all Talisman except Commanders Patch ... i made rly tons of 1* and 3* ... 1* in solo and 3* with my friends.... but we only got in the last time ( last 3-4 weeks) Nothing OR broken keys... i have about 6 broken keys and 4 phantom haprs wt.f :/ ... one of my friend bought Commanders Patch for 5,5b lol , but i dont want to waste so much gold for one Talisman... cant be true :/ i did sometimes 2-5 times a day, sometimes only one time ... and 24/7 nothing or broken keys ...

  22. kk man what about The shield power (B) i need get it i saw one have it in private server that is so cool and i wanna get it

  23. Egyptian set A and B can be bought with silver and gold coins ? If it can be that means it has higher or smaller price?

  24. Im confused :O,for example my character who had taken the quest taken almost of the collection and it level up to 111 inside the Forgotten world,can I still continue the quest?In short,are the quest items tradable inorder to complete another one's quest?

  25. hey Guys i have Egypt weapon +7 and Full items but my question is +?? the items will shine??

  26. Muito boa a guide vou fazer a quest amanha tomara a deus q eu acabe esse feriado hehe ^^ vlw galera bjss

  27. 용 프로그램

  28. hello,

    When u upgrade a class B item to legend 12D it is still stronguer than an item upgraded from a class A? Cos in the name there s nothing different between them...

    Thanks a lot

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