SRO's ingame bot - bye bye handgrinding!

The newest update in kSRO gives us again some hints about what Joymax (or WeMade? whatever) plans for the future updates of the game. We found some texts about a new "Macro" function. This new function will have the 3 categories "Auto Potion", "Auto skills" and "Auto hunting". Automatic hunting? Hell yea, an ingame bot! That's what the SRO players have been waiting for... (or not)

But let's go deeper in the details.
With the new Auto Potion, you can set HP and MP potting, but also pets can be healed and feeded automatically with it now. New HP/MP recovery tickets can be used too by this Auto-Pot.
The Auto Skill function basically uses your buffs (with automatic weapon switches) and you can set skills to attack mobs.
In Auto hunting you can set a range in that automatically mobs will be killed with the selected skills. You can also set when to return to town (like no more pots or have to repair, after 1 hour etc.), when to use zerk, what to do when you die, if you want to pick up items (no hints about an item filter yet) and if you want to use a repair hammer or repair your items in town. If it can automatically return to the leveling spot is unknown yet.

So, basically Silkroad is getting a bot system which works ingame. What are the consequences?
- Botting will (at least with this bot) become LEGAL, no more bot  bans
- People will handgrind even less than before
- Bot companies will have less sales (depends on the bot features)
- Joymax/Wemade/whatever could sell this function for silk and get some profit

We have to see in which versions it will be added. I think some foreign Silkroad publishers (cSRO/vSRO/kSRO/jSRO/rSRO/thSRO/tSRO) would not want this feature to be added and keep fighting against the bots.
We can't do anything against that new feature. If it comes, Silkroad could finally turn into a game where there are no handgrinding people anymore. But still, it is the player's decision if they use it~


edit: Some people don't seem to believe this and take this as an april fools joke :P (greetz to the SRF and CP-G community)
But it's the reality. If you want a proof, just take a look in the newest kSRO Media.pk2 file ^_~


  1. There used to be some kind of pk2 edit in which you could already use the "Auto hunting" feature.

  2. Maybe you mean the autoselect feature? That would be something different because it just selects close mobs.
    The interface files for the "Auto Hunting" aren't included in the PK2 yet.

  3. well ... cimo , csro publisher has already a FREE bot . sux.

  4. Poor news, nothing official.
    Korean players laugh from this post.

  5. @Anonymous
    We are Silkroad Secrets. We post things that Joymax doesn't say to the people yet. That they didn't say nothing about it yet doesn't mean we invented the notice. Just check the new KSRO textdata files and you will see it. IF you can't do it...
    If you are looking for official news, this is not the right place.

  6. Hell yea bot ingame would be good but needs to be cheaper not like 500 silks or something :P

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  8. i hope they will expand the server capicity ( or soemthing like that ) becouse with this statue's the servers are populated, i dont like to wait 900 hours to login a server who is full off botter

  9. Lol funny shit. I laughed at this, i knew this had to come eventualy. Whats even more funny is those so called 100% legit morons over at silkroadforums will use the probably crappy ingame silkroad bot themselves when it comes to isro and become legit botters haha! I love irony.

    Amalie - Babel

  10. best shit ive heard yet. this ought to be good. maybe joymax is just leading you guys on.