Black Rogue (THSRO) - InGame Footage

Hi again, how long I don't post anything here =3
This is my round of pics from THSRO Black Rogue, but before show them I want to talk about this version of Silkroad.
There are some different and interesting things respect the other versions, the first is the login screen, when you open the client, the old login screen appears, and damn, it's so beautiful (old times...). The character creation and selection screen are too the old ones (the creation ones includes europeans, but them are disabled). About Europe, in the map you can see European zones and even Roc Mountain, but you can't teleport there nor create an european char yet (as you will see on the pics).
Extra info:
  • Cap 80
  • Skills until lv 80 (obviously)
  • Item Mall disabled (I was like WTF?, the Item Mall button doesn't works? XD)
  • Autopot (free)
  • New options on the in-game client (show your HP over your name, HP and MP sound warning, etc)
  • Academy system
  • Rates x1 (like another official server)
  • There are not any Fortress
Well, and the last thing for say, the server is REALLY LAGGY!, and I'm not kidding, if you are not from Thailand don't play there, if you are in a city you need 1 min or more for walk to another point, if you are alone there is much less lag, but if arround you there are more than 5 mobs... LAG!
Now... enjoy the pics =3

That's all, oh and this is the capacity of both servers:


Thailand SRO Closed Beta started!

The servers are online now. Unfortunally, updating takes very long for me, so I will post more about ThSRO later :P


Thai SRO Beta servers open tomorrow.

This is just a small notice: The Black Rogue servers will be opened tomorrow at 12PM Thailand time.


cSRO Nivlam

I released a special version of nivlam where you can calculate the needed SP on cSRO. On level 100, the SP needed are different than on isro!

http://csronivlam.hostei.com/ or http://tr.im/nivlam


Thailand SRO Client released!

The Thailand SRO (Black Rogue) Client got released today!
You can download it here!

Halloween Event confirmed!

Hello, this is Silkroad Online.
Bombs on your face in all towns of Silkroad Online.
Silkroad Online has prepared a 2009 Halloween Event.
The event would be starting on 20th of October till 3rd of November for all users.
Warnings! Warnings!, Silkroad ghosts have appeared. Who are you going to call?
Silkroad Ghost Busters are here.

Silkroad Halloween Event
1. Hunt down Ghost SungSung on the field.
2. Collect Halloween candies.
3. talk to NPC So-Ok to get prizes
4. As a treat, five different kinds of bombs can be earned.

Trick or Treat!
You can get bombs to play around in towns only.
There are Dust bomb, Web bomb, Egg bomb, Red Paint bomb, and Dark paint bomb.
With 5 different bombs users can throw at other players in towns only.
Just click on another character and use the bomb by clicking it.
When event starts, collect many bombs as well as other prizes with Halloween candies.

Joymax is trying the best to satify Silkroad users all the time.
Enjoy Silkroad Online and have fun!


All EXP/SP tables

Since it's already being posted in most forums now, I decided to put the lists on my blog too :P
These lists show the EXP you need to level up and the SP for the mastery-level-up! kSRO Beta was the planned EXP/SP at that time, today it has the same EXP/SP like iSRO!


Halloween Event?

Translated text from the PK2 files:

Hello. This is So-Ok.

Halloween events in preparation for the Silk Road was right.
Halloween fun along the Silk Road, and enjoys preparing presents Pick -

For more information on events in progress, please check our website for announcements.
Silk Road and hope a good time together.

Event Date: 2009/10/13 ~ 2009/11/3

This event will come in kSRO for sure, and probably also in iSRO! There will be "Ghost Sungsungs" spawning and if you kill them they drop candies. You have to bring them to So-Ok to receive one of these rewards:

Egg bomb
Red paint bomb
Black paint bomb
Dust bomb
Spiderweb bomb


Items you have never seen - Pink/White Dumpling

Item name:
White Dumpling
Item description: Chang-an area's special product
Trading profits are doubled for the duration of the event
Included since: 9th
Availability: This item was an event items used in kSRO and cSRO.

Item name: Pink Dumpling
Item description: Delicious dumplings, red and white rice balls.
Donwhang area's special product
Trading profits are doubled for the duration of the event
Included since: 9th
Availability: This item was an event items used in kSRO and cSRO.