Silkroad Team Seminar: Jobbing = Fail / Baghdad mentioned

On October 13 there was a seminar with the development teams from Silkroad 1 and Silkroad 2. A level designer from Joymax reported about the results of the meeting.

The core system of a game is important for the player's experiences

Lineage = mainly PvP => successful system
Mabinogi = rebirth => half succcess
Silkroad = triangular conflict => failed system


Why did the triangular conflict system fail?
- In early levels you can get a good amount of gold, but later on it's worth nothing.
- Level difference between thief players and trader players makes jobbing difficult
- Lack of content, jobbing gets boring after a while
- If you go jobbing you have less time to level up your character

The success of the core system is usually related to the game's success.

It's the very rare case that a game with a failed core system like Silkroad is successful. In this case, the atmosphere of the game world made it a success.

Later he writes about expansions and updates of games:
Dungeons and cities are opening
WoW: Icecrown (Dungeon)
Silkroad: Baghdad (city) (yes he really wrote 바그다드 (Baghdad))

[...] (we don't care about his explanations about the icecrown in WoW, he just says with small updates they add some more things every week or so)

Silkroad's Baghdad

A large update reveals the city of Baghdad for the first time. (large patch = 1 dungeon or 1 city added with every patch)
Baghdad is very much a concept of production and is divided into 3 parts, that means 3 large patches.

The city and the obstacles work with a minimum of equipment (I think he means with a minimum of work) rather than the production of multiple small patches.
Baghdad, hmm? Islam race or what? >_< I'll maybe send him a mail to get more information about what he means.
The World must be divided in 3 regions:

- The field where the core system must be the game content
- The dungeons in which you have bosses (Final Boss is based on the pattern and nature of planning the entire monster)
- The cities for resting and for transportation if necessary

The other things are very theoretical about the design of online game worlds itselves and not that interesting. If I get more information about why he referred to "Baghdad" as a city in SRO, I'll post it here~


  1. the 2 part sounds great

  2. what is the source of this? if it's an article i would like to read it and if it is in english ;D

  3. @DeSiV
    Source is secret. It's the blog of one of the Joymax developers. About the article, is entirely in Korean.

  4. Source or it didn't happen

  5. When thats true you can post source.

  6. Well, you haven't let us down yet Silkroadsecrets. So I'm willing to have a limited trust in you. Besides, it's obvious about silkroad and how broken in the core it is. Afterall,exactly what is the point to trading when you got gold bots to do the work for you? No one likes to be different in the game now... even the builds are failing us in the end.

  7. ~Don't forget~
    Please don't steal the news from this blog, post a link to the source!

    I found this on your page so it count for for you too?

  8. nice plan, isro GM posting blog... well an iSRO source, anyways.
    i m pretty surprised they didnt actually Added Baghdad since long time ago since it is one of the city that lies in the middle ending of the silkroad, and due to the updates i guess there will be no islamic race -hopefully will not; cause it is sensitive case due to our religious restrictions, though having Islamic race as a 3rd race is nice idea-, anyways, thanks for the update!

  9. yes, after a short discussion they decide again that they failed in improving the job system and just go on to discussing the next update.

    Shows how much they care about it

  10. So really they are being lazy in the end. The job system, the core of the game, isn't that hard to improve. But then again, people are known to take the short cut of the simplest problems and wonder why everything is tougher at the end... V_V Heck, they could kill so many birds with one stone if they would stop being lazy and start researching relationships of the characters again and combine it with jobbing once more. Knowing them, they probably don't enough know how to do this combine with lack of caring to understand it. >.> Slackers... (Excuse me for being Anonymous this time, next time I will place my name on this. Keep up the good work,peeps.)