Small notice

Since the last entry was posted I saw the notice translated to many languages in a bunch of forums. I don't have any problem about it, I even feel happy that my work was seen useful by so many people, but the 80% of them watermarked the pictures and self-credited the notice to themselves. I didn't wanted to put watermarks like babbe does because I think a clean pic is better, but since people keep acting with that noobish behavior I will start adding watermarks on the upcoming notices and videos (some people downloaded the video and uploaded it again, instead of extracting it directly from the flash like I did, of course creditless too).
As examples of that behavior I can mention extraloob.com, silkroad-online.ru, forum.conduongtolua.com.vn. Instead maxoloji.com (a.k.a. silkroadmax) already said that they will change the way that he take the info, which is a good step in the relationships with the rest of the communities.
It's so sad that the Silkroad community can't at least respect so simple things as credits are.


  1. hey i need contact you i have good img about sro

    please answer augusto_15(A)live.com.ar

  2. sad to see that ppl copy your work... in this case watermarked pictures is the best solution.

  3. It will be great for this noobish web sites
    I have banned two times from extraloob.com becasue i said " When u quote from a different website, write the source or post a link! (ex. silkroadsecrets.blogspot.com)
    I can remember the post exactly. It was about pimping devil spirit.

  4. Dear silkroadsecretsblog,
    We are so grateful to see you supporting us with the news that you have on your main page. So, now we are the main subject of all Silkroad Online gaming communities and we have more guests than ever. silkroadsecretsblog is as illegal as us for Silkroad online and we both are working for Silkroad Online. Thats the similarity between us. We wish all the three sides luck; silkroadonline.net ~ extraloob.com ~ silkroadsecretsblog

    extraloob ^_~

  5. @Anonymous

    You can't imagine how big my facepalm was when I readed your text.
    1st: We don't post anything ilegal or against the Joymax rules. We are a blog which publish entries about Silkroad, for inform the players. We don't host/link any 3rd party programs like extraloob does.
    2nd: We don't support you, in fact, you are in our black list. Just your comment made me wanted to put an small watermark on every pic saying "Extranoob".
    3rd: We don't have nothing, and I repeat, NOTHING similar, we create notices and research stuff, you copy info from other sites, translate it to turkish, put watermarks everywhere and announce it as your find/creation. For people like the users of your forum and yourself is because most of the Silkroad community hate turks.

    I think I might have used a too difficult english on the entry for your kid mind, next time I will post: "extraloob noobs only copy/paste notices, fak them mother syster father". It might be more understandable for you and your retarded mates.

  6. thanks synx
    luks here
    btw fck that nubs from extraloob

  7. Well, some sites are copying news and not giving any credits, even cutting out watermarks from pictures or putting their own watermarks on them. This is very sad and makes us disappointed. :/
    We are giving you these news for free, so please don't say you found them etc...

    @Synx: when I'm back home let's get some new exclusive legend X news, k?^^

  8. I found this blog after i visit Extraloob. That website was perfect silkroad news place for me. About illegal actions, they sell bot there. After some research i found this blog and look at the point, all news i saw in extraloob was taken from here. And they proud of it like they announced them first on Internet. I'm a Turkish SRO Player, but i'm sad that see this bullshit. They say always "Respect the Hard Work", but now it is like " Respect the Theft".

    I apreciate this blog. Now my folk will hate me but I dont care.

  9. what do you expect form turks....

    1 good one for 99 assholes.

  10. Step aside about racism. All country have idiot players. Everyone hates someone.

    Just play game for fun. Not for Nation War.

  11. Yep :) I noticed that on extraloob

    i were on their forums and posted it , ive wrote down that the pictures which they copy are from silkroadsecrets and they put watermark on it like it...
    and they always write "An Extraloob special" under the topics , like they ve worked to find that out..
    I recognized that shit 2 months ago

    Keep your good work
    grtz from turkey

  12. @BlindMonk
    I wasn't begin racist, as you can see on the entry I posted another sites which are not Turkish. The problem was when that guy from extraloob came and compared our work with theirs, saying we do illegal stuff like them.
    That made me angry, but in any moment I insulted turk, just did it with the extraloob members with that behavior.
    About the other comments, please avoid to insult a nation, we were talking about the members of those sites, not about turks in general.

  13. http://www.extraloob.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=209432

    check this :D
    I can translate all of them if you wish :D

  14. Thanks for the nice support we get from you guys ^_^

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  16. Hello dear Synx,

    I feel deeply sad for this situtation. We never meant publish your works like they are ours.That's all we are trying to do bring your good works to Turks players in their language as they could to understand.

    Also i want to saying something about erasing your watermark and putting our watermark. This is definitely not a behavior against you. All of it was always against noobs stoling our works without putting credits.

    I always pay attention to put your credit to above my threads but i aware of that it wasn't anough. So ill be more careful anymore.

    If you wish i can remove all of your works or put credits above them at my forum.We never been like them, i mean extranoob and we never want to be...

    Like you got angry to them because they are saying you are doing illegal stuff together i'm angry and sad because you mention our name with extranoob's name.

    Best Regards...

    Deepblue, admin of maxoloji.com (silkroadmax)

  17. @Deepblue
    Thanks for your response.
    We don't want you delete the threads or something, all the notices that we have posted here have the aim of get spread, just for the future situations, please try to add at the end of the post:

    Source: [link to the source]
    Translator (in case it's translated to your main language): [name of the translator]

    With that is enough, I will edit the entry a bit since you came here with good intentions, not like the extraloob people.
    Thank your really much for understand our situation, and best wishes to your community.


  18. Thank u so much for ur understanding. You could be sure ill do my best as i can.

    Thanks for everything pls keep your good works up.

  19. To Synx:

    I didnt mean that to you. If you can see I have two comments. 2nd one for to Anonymous right above my comment :) On the other hand, I support you. This Blog is my Silkroad News Blog from now on :)
    Thank you for your hard work.

  20. Hello again,

    Im so angry that ive post again here...
    extraloob is the sickest website forever , they try to sell silks and bots overpriced to turkish people and try to rob them out.
    That watermark problem ive already noticed 2 months ago like in my posting before , what a respectless shit, and they call themselves "professional" and say that they stay in contact with Joymax to get those pics.

    Really angry...

    grtz from turkey again
    keep your good work

  21. Remember to make the watermark big, i have notice some sites edit away the orginal watermark and enter there own.

  22. just place the watermark on details which will be hard/impossible to edit :P

    ~rev6 turkmod ;)