Arabian region: Monster list

Joymax has released the new mob names of the arabian region update in a kSRO update.
I roughly translated them to English:

Agile Wolf
Adonis Wolf
Outrageous Wolf
Outrageous adonis Wolf
Greedy Patjaitun (looks like a Mangyang)
Greedy Yaktalkkun (looks like a Mangyang)
Patjaitun Maniac (looks like a Mangyang)
Yaktalkkun Maniac (looks like a Mangyang)
Wild Uneg
Wild Weneg
Kuld Mujigi
Mad Bastet
Mad Bastet Thief
Mad Bandit Archer
Desert Bandit Archer
Elite Bandit Archer
Mad Bandit
Desert Bandit
Elite Bandit
Evil Dark Khepri
Hungry Dark Khepri
Violent Dark Khepri
Violent Hyena
Wounded Hyena
Agile Hyena
Wounded Agile Hyena
Desert Snake
Woran (Snake Demon)
Sabra Cactus
Karmos Cactus
Bandit Boss
Mad General
Mad Guard Officer
Giant Demon

Also, the 13th, 14th and 15th item degrees have been announced for future updates.


  1. Loads of similar names. But the return of the Mangyangs is pretty awesome.
    These names look like they are the names of strong mobs. What are they gonna make Arabian region another high lvl area like Egypt? They better not, cuz it's gotta be for the new race. Or are these mobs from some other region, not Arabia? Because the mob names don't really remind me of Arabia. Lol Bastet in the mob names, it's actually a goddess in the Ancient Egyptian mythology(it is a regular mob in Temple or Pharaoh's Tomb lol) and now they wanna put it to Arabia too?

    Hmm, and 15th degree, so the cap will be 150 altogether, they gotta update leveldata then.
    Evidence of 13th degree can already be found in itemdata, but they have no file matches in Data.pk2 yet. Also what i noticed was that there were only A,B,C RARE items, no normals. So like 12th degree? Only 12 has normals in the pk2.

  2. can u post the original names ^^

  3. i couldn't see any notice about that update at Korean Silkroad website. Where did u get that news ?

  4. @Anonymous(20 Nov)
    Lol you don't see news like this at the website. And since this is not an update like weeks away, they haven't posted any news yet.

  5. Its looks like low level moobs ..because we have 104 Hyenas and Violent Hyena, Wounded Hyena can be 1-20 level same as other moob names.

  6. Just because almost all moobs have 2 versions Low and High level so in case of hyena and bandit i bet on that.

  7. Sabra Cactus and Karmos Cactus. Looks like we may get a couple non-copies as well.

  8. who care about mob,s?All here are bott s...

  9. True. Most people don't even know the currently existing monsters' names. For them it's enough if the bot knows them... Adding a new race will not change iSro's community (which is down in the bottom of a toilett).

  10. Where i Can Find the new Map ?

  11. @Anonymous(22 Nov 19:20)
    Only the 3d map(terrain) is in the pk2 atm. There are no minimap or worldmap tiles yet. But the terrain files have weird extensions and when opened with a text editor, you can see that they have a strange encoding.