Old Silkroad images

We are done with the screenshots, but still there are some old images to share ^^

Old exchange:

Oldest login screen:

Old weird maps, where is Earth Ghost Canyon? No chakjis! XD

That's all, sleepin', bb


  1. looks amazing. Actually I got a client with pretty old maps, but the old data.pk2 and map.pk2 arent functionally in the new client. Youll get an instant crash when you try to launch it.

  2. good old times.. i wish it was like it was back then again..

  3. old times... right i'd like them back too but not because of the game but the community... it's such a s*** now, nobody at all is playing but botting/doing alchemy/pvp and mainly wasting money

  4. @Dignity

    Can you upload these files ?
    pk2 editors may work for them :)

  5. @Emre Yildiz
    The files are still on the kSRO FTP:


    Oldest client ever. Old maps, but as Dignity said, doesn't works with the current clientfiles. The launcher is cool through.

  6. what's the cap? 60 right?
    I rly wanna play such a cool version. Maybe some1 will a private server one day..

  7. @WorldWideSilkroad
    The pics are from the cap 50, there wasn't Karakoram.

  8. Maybe There isn't any concern but, Can be come new race ? I read notice about deal between CIMO and Joymax. And in that deal, there is a matter about 3. race. And i had learded new race will be Persian. Is it True ?

    its the link of my resource: http://mcsro.com/info_detail.php?InfoId=90

    Sorry my poor english if i did any mistake.

  9. BTW i watched Silkroad Online Official Trailer. There is 3 race. First, at chinese wall being a fight with a ch player. second, a persian(i think) stealing a big ruby. Third, at first scane's man's wife at a ship starting a Trade from Constantinepole. I realy suprised when i noticed.

  10. From rev6 ;

    Silkroad online is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online RPG) that puts the player deep into ancient Chinese, Islamic, and European civilizations. Silkroad Online is designed to re-enact the Silk Road trades of 7th Century and through use of being a MMORPG Silkroad Online is grounded on the history, culture, and stories of each and every Silk Road trade route. The game characteristic include: Encounter of the East fantasy and the West fantasy, Episode-centered quest system, Organization of various communities, Unique and fresh skill system, Realistic and vigorous action battle, Movies-like presentation, More realistic character animation, More comfortable game environment.

    So there will be new race. But its too early to talk about that. There are not much info.

  11. in that my resource, that update will be in this year. I hope will be...

  12. If they dont add another fortress probably next update is islamic characters :D

  13. Relc i find that hard to beleave :). but if they realy gonna add third race i think i am sold again to isro.

  14. You still didn't pots the rocky system:)...and also, do you know if they will add normal items e.g Lv111 114 118 with 120cap?

  15. @Anonymous
    Yes, I have to finish that entry... XD
    And yes, they will add those items as drops from the new mobs, you got the levels right.