Commands for the GM console!

Hi guys, since I promised I'd do a list with less known commands for the GM console, here it is! Not all of these commands might work in the SRO version you're playing because of the client differences.

/isattack X
Well, I don't know what this command is for. But it writes a yellow "No - Object..." in the chat window :P

Quite awesome command to set the graphics a little higher. I took screenshots to compare the graphics with and without using the /lod command. (it not only fixes some graphic bugs but also the background gets a little more detailed)

/time X
Set for X a number between 0 and 24. It just changes the daytime.

/add_temppos X
Spawns a Mangyang with name X at your position. Seems to have no other function at the moment xD

An interesting command for all the coders out there. Whenever a packet is sent by the client, the opcode will be displayed in the status window at the bottom right.

Makes a list of all dropped items around you.

Disables the JPG compression for screenshots.


  1. Cool. The /lod command is great imo.

  2. L0D isn't something that just 'magically' makes your graphics better.
    It stands for Level Of Detail, it's used in lots of games/engines.

  3. /makeghostuser pls say how to write and what do in console!!!

  4. You can write /makeghostuser [number] to spawn some characters around you (client-sided)

  5. thx babbe but it dont work when i make makeghostuser 10 it say cheat key failure

    if i make makeghostuser 10 10 it crash

  6. guys .. i really appreciate ur efforts in this topic but iam in need of ur help .. in making the item command work

    i made a new character in a new server .. it's name is malazgirt(TR) ... level one ..to test the console and actually ur instructions worked and the console did work .. but i found out that some of the commands dont have any effect specially anything concerned with the items

    like itemmake

    and all this stuff

    i used many programs just like the gm helper to find the right way to write the commands and i wrote it in the console and all what i got was a message that says "cheat key successes" and nothing to be found in the inventory except my damn return scrolls ... and the 2 exp buffs off course ... so i really wish if u just tell me the reason for this game's weird attitude .. as fast as u can please ... and i will be grateful ... MEMA

  7. For using item commands you must be a real GM.

  8. okay .. babbe

    it's MEMA again .. i know this is a little bit annoying but can u post something about making private servers

  9. Making fully working private servers is not possible at the moment. There are no complete server files public, you could just use emulators. You should visit some forums that got more information about private servers. ^_^

  10. okay babbe .. thanks for the help ... and if i found something new about the commands i will inform the site ... but iam sure i wont be better than U ...XD

  11. Does anybody know how to use /makeghostuser command work properly?

  12. hii why man when i make item . its said cheat key successes" but it dont apear any item .. so how i make items pls tell me

  13. Is there a command that gives Honor Buffs to players ? Thanks