Upgrade system list

For everyone who wonders if they can upgrade their D11 items, and what they will get at the upgrade, here you are the full list of the items and the upgrade result.


Press Ctrl+F for find your item name.
If you don't get used to the in-game names of the items, you can use also this list, showing the items with the client code, which is more understandable:


Basic tags:
_RARE: Sealed
A_RARE, B_RARE, C_RARE: Nova, Som, Sun.
_W: Female
_M: Male
_HEAVY: Armor, Heavy Armor
_LIGHT: Light Armor, Protector.
_CLOTHES: Robe, Garment.

Thanks to Kyle(rev6) for parsing the file with the upgrade data.


  1. 133. Amoon Ring+7 --> Cintamani Ring+0
    134. Amoon Erarring+7 --> Cintamani Earring+0
    135. Amoon Necklace+7 --> Cintamani Necklace+0

    but rev6 says B Grade novas will convert to +3 sun items ? :S

  2. @Anonymous
    Better check the other list, the items you are pointing are normal egypt accessories (non nova).

    Amoon Ring+7 --> Cintamani Ring+3
    Amoon Erarring+7 --> Cintamani Earring+3
    Amoon Necklace+7 --> Cintamani Necklace+3

    That's what u are looking for, line 268.

  3. And what happens if my item is less than +7? Is it not transformable or would I get a weaker weapon? Eg.: I've got a son+6 weapon, trying to upgrade it. Would I get a nova d12, or nothing would happen?

  4. It's not upgradeable to D12 if your item is under +7.

  5. hi there

    normal+7 goes son 12d
    son+7 goes som12d
    egyipt a+7 goes son 12d??? i guess something wrong here?? rev6 say will be sun egyipt b give sun+3

  6. @Anonymous
    Forget the older post, this ones is the most accurate ones. Sorry for the other mistakes.

    And please, every commenter use a nick!


    So your Amoterium will be som.

  8. @Emre Yildiz
    No, that's normal nova. I think I forgot to mention, the codes for egypt A and B staff are SET_A and SET_B.
    Amoterium gives seal of sun.

  9. @ Synx
    must weapon or items with used adv +7 or without use adv ?
    or i can upgrade to D12 with used adv B my weapon +7 atm use adv B

  10. @Plz_gold1k
    Teorically it should work even with advanced elixir. There are no details about it on the client files, it only says it must be +7.

  11. Synx plz say me simply

    if I upgrade my dest. nova set what it will be? :(

  12. any kSro player here ? We should test b grade adv elixir :D

  13. i need confirmation about if i can upgrade my staff +7 with adv 1, pls fast

  14. @Anonymous
    As we already said, we don't know if it works also with advanced elixirs.

  15. You can upgrade with adv elixir both +1 and +2 will do the trick as long as it makes your weapon +7 or more it will work.After transformation you will get +0 12d and any sights of adv elixir on weapon will be gone.
    +7 weapons will give +0 12d ,+8 will give +1 12d ,+11 will give +4 12d etc.
    Real problem with this is the upgrade system of 12d items,you need new special immortal from item mall every time you try to upgrade.If you try +0 to +1 without it your 12d item might be destroyed.In ksro sos immo cost 8 silk ,som 16 silk and sun 32 silk.If you succed upgrading immo wont dissapear ,fail means its gone and you need to buy new one.Btw chance for succes is lower than with 1-11d items.It's money making machine and without spending HUGE amounts of money you wont be able to pass +5 ,even +3 is hard.
    Im not sure if it was said here but succes means +1 and fail -1.So lets say that after spending alot of money you made your sun weapon +7 and ur trying to make +8.If you fail you will end up with +6 and 32 silks gone ,than you will try +7 and fail again ->weapon +5 another 32silks gone.you can go like that straight to +0 losing 224 silks and thats when the fun really starts.

  16. @Anonymous
    Thanks a lot for your information. That sucks, destroying weapons even at +1... lol
    Also thanks for confirm it works with adv elixir :3

  17. OMG if its true, lets start make 11d +15 equips. Cuz 12d alchemy sux.