13th Degree

kSRO updated this Wednesday their servers with the D13 update.
This is just like the D12 first update, the cap level is still 120 and also the skills. The only way for obtain the D13 items right now is upgrading your D12+6 items (I'm not sure about the plus since the image is in Korean).

For everyone who want to see the new items, here is a vid with them all:


  1. thanx for the video :)

    This means that Arabian update is coming soon to silkroad !

  2. This Weapon are very AWESOME :D
    I hope there is not the same concept like the fcking 12th Degree <_<

    nicely done dude =D

    Keep up the good work! ^_^

  3. hi
    I want to import these files to older versions.
    I imported .bsr and .ddj
    I think its not enough. When i saw, its geting out from game.

    what kind of files need to be imported?

  4. was there any significant changes to sro with d13? is there anything removed or added ( im not talking about monsters or new hunting area) like when they added the fellow pet-they remove the old pet.

  5. i can not watch it =( due to music being used in it, its blocked in my country =(

  6. @Anonymous
    Probably next videos will be uploaded to somewhere else, because Youtube is sooo 2006. It was cool before it became so full of ads and VEVO shit.

    Nope, it is exactly the same update as when D12 first came out. No new cap, zones or something similar, just the D13 obtainable by upgrading your D12+6 items. That's all.

    .efp, .bsr, .ddj, .bmt. I think that's everything it need. Maybe some textures for the effects on the Particles.pk2. I'm not sure since the video is recorded on kSRO so I hadn't had to export it to another version.

  7. @Synx
    You need AdBlock Plus, my friend. :D

  8. @omier44
    I use it ofc, but it gets annoying when you want to show a video to someone else on his computer (OMG the still use IE!) or basically whenever you go. Adblock Plus is not as popular as it should be. XD
    But I was more talking about how mainstream it became, that every single shit is copyrighted and blocked 5 min after you upload it. I got many videos blocked for that reason. I think I will have to start composing my own music for the videos, or use Babbe's remixes, which are cool XD

  9. The 13 Degree Gear is the same as shown on this pic promoting Silkroad R.


  10. @Synx

    am tried to find .bmt but i didnt find it.

    in which .pk2 ? and which subfolder ?

  11. joymax only want money by upgrading =[

  12. @nightmare
    Is on the same folder as the .ddj files

  13. any infos about 3rd race?
    i dont feel like playing anymore it seems like there aint gonna be arabian update and itll be just 13d area

  14. Im also waiting for the Arabian update to come.

    I guess Joymax changed DG 13 items, I can't also add Fellows to my pk2 files.
    They didn't add .bsr files.

  15. hi so no news about new race :] ?

  16. Seems Arabia is coming, but there isn't any trace about the new race, just the region...

  17. So probably when this update is coming out? Joymax is working so fast with updates.. money money money.. Damn! Let chars up first to 120, ppl is just getting 120 already, doesnt it?

  18. lol this games like some sort of sick joke.

  19. at what level we can use D13? 101? or _____?

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