Arabian regions / New battle arenas

With today's kSRO update, Joymax released information about the arabian regions:
- Desert field Lv. 121-123
- Dreamlike desert Lv. 123-125
- "Cagliari's lair" (some Boss area)
- Baghdad City

About the previously mentioned "Muhan" dungeon: This is a dungeon like the battle arena. It exists for levels 71-80, 81-90, 91-100 and 101-110 in solo and party versions. The description says:
Protect the Guardian Stone in the middle of the battlefield to receive your reward. You can use the Morph Stone to fight as a monster.

A new pvp battle arena will be added, it is called "Styria Clash".
Score points by securing treasure chests or by slaying opponents. The team that has scored the highest points within the time limit wins.
(Treasure Chest = 200 pts. each, PK = 20 pts. each)
An event monster will appear for the losing team from time to time. Slay this monster to obtain useful buffs for the entire team, and click the pot for a chance to obtain a rare artifact that provides Job EXP

By the way: Silkroad secrets has reached 1,000,000 page views in total since its creation in 2009! Thank you all very much! ^__^


  1. -.- nice joymax more levels

  2. sure about this news ?

  3. These information are taken from the kSRO client, they are quite "confirmed". The arabian characters do not seem to be included in the arabian region update.

  4. So Arabia is just another high area. That's what i thought. ಠ_ಠ
    Now where are the other 2 races JM?
    But Arabia is quite big so low lvl areas may still fit there. :D

  5. I quit from my hopes like come new race... I am realy getting dislike that game.

  6. Well doh...sro is a shit now... nothing new.. only nub levels and some new monsters... >_> private servers pwned isro since someone uploaded "vsro files"... am i right or not?