Arabian region update / Pet equipment

In the new kSRO client for the Legend 12 (Jupiter Temple) we found information about more upcoming stuff besides the Jupiter Temple dungeons. It mentions the area of Arabia with the city Baghdad!! (Yes, the City that was already mentioned months ago in a Joymax team meeting)

Arabia will include field regions with a canyon, a "military field" and some plain fields.

The Baghdad city will be very huge. It includes gardens, magic carpet sellers, and even a dungeon which could be in the middle of the town (it's in the same folder as the city!).

I have uploaded the already existing textures for the arabian region here:
Gallery 1
Gallery 2

More details like if there will be a new race for the region (the islamic race that was announced years ago) are not known yet.

Other stuff: Pets will be able to wear equipment soon. There will be new pet summon scrolls for Dinosaur, Bird, Bear, Wolf, Ostrich, Cat and Dragon. All those animals can be equipped with claws, saddles, charms, scales and amulets. The equipment can even be strengthened, a STR increase alchemy stone exists.

That's all for now, more information later :P


  1. Silkroad scheis abzocker game!! fcksro

  2. oh nooo wtf we going to do with arabian race now , start farming all over fking again

  3. People were starting to quit sro...with a new area witch will probably come with a new race will make them come back for sure

  4. if its true I AM SOLD JOYMAX once more :D

  5. sounds nice I will plvl my arabic char^^

  6. hehe will make sro better
    now almost everyone is either a warrior or wizard
    so can't wait ^^

  7. maaaaaaan, this will be awesome, people will quit using euros or they will make party combinations...........so nice :P

  8. There will be new pet summon scrolls for Dinosaur, Bird, Bear, Wolf, Ostrich, Cat and Dragon.

    All of them attack pet ? And Wolf already exist.
    What about my old wolf ? Can it wear those items too ? :)

  9. what is my 110 lvl FF wolf :( i think it will be terminated...

  10. Guys stop panic and thinkin' :)
    Wolf gonna transform automaticaly,like on 40lvl.Accesory is noting alse like wolf 26lvl euro mob with knock back and maybe something new,stun 5% xD
    About new areas its not a new race yet,just a new spot area with mobs 111+ for grind.That new cave is something alse only for 111+ people

  11. @Emre It doesn't matter if wolves exist already.

    @Anonymous You can farm SP to your wolf?:)

    The current pets will probably be deleted(and players rewarded in something for the pet's lvls) or the pet's exp will remain and the pets will just be transformed.

    Damn i can't wait for Arabian and Indian race. I can't stand all those noob Euros everywhere. I want more variety.

  12. I am quiting sro because they eliminated trades and triangular conflict, also they put proof stones into the game, so now im forced to buy fking silk to do a fking +1 in my sun 12d , cant believe that and cnat stand that either. so for that im leaving this game , this is only for turks egy and islam players , not for me a south american player . bb .

    PD: _Gantz_

  13. when will this update? and there will be new server? saven some of it